Man accused of posing as federal agent, stomping on woman’s head in Rowan Co.

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ROCKWELL, N.C. — A man has been arrested after police say he stomped on a 62-year-old woman’s head while posing as a federal agent.

Police say the woman was on her front porch near Old Beatty Ford Road in Rockwell Saturday around 6 a.m. when a man she didn’t recognize pulled up in a car.

Jimmy Ray Blackwell

Jimmy Ray Blackwell

The man got out of the vehicle and told the woman he was a bondsman and that he wanted to search her house for a person, according to officers.

The woman refused, then the man said he was a federal agent.

The woman told him she was going to call the sheriff’s office and that’s when she said the man pushed her to the ground and stomped on her head with his foot.

Police said he then stole her cell phone.

The man has been identified by investigators as Jimmy Ray Blackwell.

Police said Blackwell has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 1981.

Investigators said he was recently released from prison after serving time for home invasion style robberies and kidnappings that involved elderly victims in 2007 in Rowan County.

Blackwell is currently in the Rowan County Jail under a $25,000 secured bond.


    • anom

      he is a wolf hiding between sheep clothing. boy scout leader…he was probably a child molester too! Put his …… back in prison!

  • Fried NeDyed

    $25,000 BOND?????????????????? Fool just got out of the joint attacks an old lady and such a soft bond! Try NO BOND. Rowan county, your magistrates are appointed by the Clerk of Court with your Superior Court Judgs blessing, they both are ELECTED!! You may wanna vote their sorry arses out!!!!

  • FaithC

    I agree with Fried NeDyed only $25,000 bond?? He just got out of prison and he is back at crime again, the same crime he was in for.
    What I want to know is why he was let out after only 7 years? He is a career criminal and he was let out after only 7 years for crimes against the elderly, home invasion and kidnapping. So how long are they going to give him this time for doing the same thing he did last time?

  • Bradley

    I Hope he reads this!!!
    You low life peice of s*#t why don’t you come knock on my door at 6:00am ..You pray on the elderly, You call yourself a man, Im gonna come bail you out and take you on a Hunting trip with me!!!!

  • Thomas

    What happened to NC’s three strikes=life in prison law? Seems with his lengthy criminal record/felonies that he would likely qualify, or did the ACLU and Eric Holder eliminate that too?

    • nurse one

      I was always brought up to respect people, there is trash in every color, there are decent human beings out there in every color. Glad he didn’t show up here. I would have gladly saved us taxpayers.

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