Lexington Senior High teacher charged with sexual activity with student

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Brittany Phillips

LEXINGTON, N.C. — A teacher at Lexington Senior High School has been charged with sexual activity with a student, according to police.

Lexington police say Lexington City Schools administration reported an alleged incident of sexual activity with a student at 4 p.m. Monday.

An investigation led to the arrest of Brittany Phillips, 25, of High Point.

Phillips is being held at the Davidson County Jail under a $50,000 secured bond.

An investigation is ongoing.


    • Blake Fine

      you’re right, she was, but i figured out she is being set up, you see i know this woman, she helped me become a senior, she came to me at a time when i needed someone to fill in the roll of my old mentor, and ever since then she’s been like an older sister to me, and she promised she would clap the hardest for me when i walk on the stage during graduation. i can’t let her go to jail, this whole situation is just tearing me apart.

  • Sherry Thompson

    Thats The Davidson County School System for you. I think all teachers should undergo some type of psychological evaluation before they step foot in a class room. Their must be some truth to it or she wouldn’t get arrested that quickly. Heck one of my sons teachers placed him in a closet and shut the door and their wasn’t one thing done to her (teacher), She is still teaching away at the school. It was supposedly handled by the school board. It doesn’t surprise me what these teachers are doing under our nose.

  • truth

    if sumone seen it happen then how can you say she was being accused because she a white female? #Getreal smh

    • targetsacquired

      IF her accusers talk like you type, and Im sure they do being a product of the system there, then Its a wonder they were able to charge her with anything.
      Funny how this comes out after several other news agencies ran a story about kids posting how they got their teachers canned on YouTube…and how this is now the “in thing” when the students do not like a particular teacher.
      What did this one do? Ask you to speak and write properly AND pull your pants up?

  • Frank Bean

    That’s nice Truth. Well said. (Not!) You must be a product of the Lexington City Schools. Just for you Truth I’m typing really, really slow because I know that you can’t read very fast.

      • LSHS Student

        I see your concern Blake, but you are just in denial , i know its hard to accept , but there is a video of her having sexual relations with this boy, so there is proof . Lots of people saw it . Im sorry but you can never truly KNOW a person.

  • abellie18

    I am a graduate of LSHS. & I am a white female. Lexington was absolutely the best school to graduate from. We get a bad rep for no reason. We learn in a great environment and have some great teachers. Just because this one “woman” couple only get young horny teenagers should not run off on the name of this school. I will back up LSHS until the day I die. Davidson county schools have also had these issues but they get covered up with money. Also way more drugs scadels than LSHS. So before y’all decide to trash the school how about you spend a day there and get to know some of the people who make that place AMAZING. Like principal Taylor, mrs. Wall, or the students.

  • Monique jackson

    Mary k. Latourneau started this trend in the ninties and ended up with the product of two children from indecent liberties with a child. Sad to see that we cant trust teachers with our own children. I graduated fro there and it was okay and has gotten even worse since then.

      • Tasha

        Please shut up! Knowing her doesn’t make her innocent. The kids are the victims not her. It is more than one. I think she is a sick womannto abuse her authority like that. She should have shown restraint to her sick mental desires. I am glad its not my son.

  • GC

    This happens a lot in all high schools- I saw it as a student, and now that I work in public education I can tell you that not everyone who is accused of this is guilty, keep that in mind.

  • Randy Jessup

    Blake I certainly hope you are right but if you are wrong, you and many like you who have trusted this woman will be devastated. You may know her but you can only know what she has presented as her public face. She may be a good person but that doesn’t mean anything. She might still be guilty. Many people get into these situations and emotion just takes over. Again I hope you are right and this woman is not guilty of doing this awful thing.

  • RLC

    It is SAD when you can not trust sending your children to school without the fear of them being taken advantage of by a pedophile. Yes, call it what it is. A pedophile! If this were a man accused of the same thing then opinions would be very different. Have fun in prison!

  • smokescreen

    sometime animal instincts take over.then criminal activity begins.innocent until proven guilty..no accusation would have ocurred had it been my teacher.

  • Tiger

    Lock her up and throw away the key…the very idea of a teacher taking advantage of a student…you can tell she’s guilty…just from Blake Fine’s comments, you can tell she knows how to manipulate a student into saying offensive things to posters.

    • GC

      One thing to bear in mind- cases like this aren’t always a matter of a teacher taking advantage of a student. I’m not making any claims as to her guilt or innocence because I honestly don’t know the situation, but based on what I observed as a high school student, and now as a high school teacher, students do sometimes attempt to seduce teachers. The teacher still has the responsibility to say no, but the teacher doesn’t always initiate a situation like this. In addition, all it takes is for a student to accuse a teacher in a situation like this, even if nothing happens and they are totally innocent, they will still usually at least be suspended and investigated.

  • linda

    If that woman is 25 years old then I am 15. She looks like she was rode hard and put up wet many times, For those of you defending her against the evidence it is sad but people do make mistakes, if she is guilty and that seems to be the case, then she needs to be put in jail,but I still find it hard to believe that she is just 25, 55 maybe.

    • Megan

      What evidence are you referring to? I thought she was just accused so at this point it’s a he-said-she-said situation that’s being investigated. I’m not judging guilty or innocent just wondering about more information because this article leaves a lot of unanswered questions, too many to judge guilt or innocence!

  • sam

    I hear there is proof she did it cant say watt but its true and u know she not the only tsacher that does it there is lot in the united states that sleep with children n its wrong but everyone has there opinion I just never thought it would be here in my hometown I went to lshs

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