Jonathan Richardson found guilty of first-degree murder in Teghan Skiba case

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WTVD) — A jury in Johnston County took just over an hour Tuesday to reach a unanimous verdict in the Teghan Skiba murder case.

Jonathan Richardson was found guilty of first-degree murder, felony child abuse, kidnapping, and sexual offense with a child in the death of the 4 year old.

He could now face the death penalty in the next phase of the trial.

According to WTVD, Johnston County Assistant District Attorney Paul Jackson told jurors in closing arguments that Skiba was tortured, sexually assaulted, and beaten by her mother’s boyfriend over a 10-day period.

Her mother, Helen Roxanne Reyes, was out-of-state for Army Reserves training in July 2010.

“It didn’t end until he beat her brains so badly that she lost consciousness,” said Jackson.

In 2010, the then-21-year-old Richardson took Skiba to Johnston Medical, claiming the girl had fallen off the bed. However, doctors found she had cuts, bruises, a head wound, and bite marks on her body.

Skiba died days later from her injuries.

Defense attorney Jonathan Broun said Richardson never intended to kill Skiba.

He said Richardson shook the child so hard that it caused brain injuries, and then waited too long to get her medical help.

The defense also claims Richardson was abused as a child by his father and had mental problems that had not yet been diagnosed.

Source: WTVD


  • Sniper762mm

    Tunr him loose in the general prison population and let the prison justice system work on it’s own.

  • Paul &Lynn Casstevens

    So tired of these innocent kids being abused and killed by a “boyfriend”. What is wrong with young people today. A mother is a childs first defense.

    • Terry Mills

      And you wanna know who pays the REAL price for crimes such as these? Men as a whole. Now ALL men are scrutinized and labeled as molesters and child abusers, and murderers until we prove otherwise. Since most molesters and abusers are men, the general opinion is most men are molesters and abusers. It’s a natural conclusion. I was going to school to become a teacher. I had to change my course of study, because I didn’t want to be labeled an offender or something. Women can teach children. Men can’t. Because a lot of male teachers are going around sleeping with or molesting their students! It encourages misandry. And cases such as these support the radical view that, “all men are bad”.

  • 2Cents

    whew….He’s gonna get a death sentence either way I’m afraid. Sad story. Prayers for the little girls mother.

  • Alfred

    Send him to prison so he can get what is coming to him! I would rather for him to suffer for the rest of his life, then to escape with the death penalty. That little girl suffered so its time for him to suffer!!

  • what a shame

    Took the jury just over an hour to come to a verdict???? Are you serious!!! It shouldn’t have taken no more than 10 minutes! Just my opinion but I think that he should be put in jail for him to be beaten, raped and tortured than let the father of the child flip the switch!!!! As a mother I would have gotten to him before the police could!!!

    • Lee

      I hate to point out the obvious, but if the father was actually available I bet he would have been the first person the mother called on to take the baby. He probably didn’t even pay child support. He is almost as much to blame as the evil pervert who raped and beat her to death.

      • Kristin

        If you had read the write up on about this over a year ago you’ll see that the girls father is actually dead, thsi wasnt the first time richardson abused her with her mothers knowledge. She moved that little girl into a barn with richardson on his grandparents property and basically let him “use her” and then left her for ten days, while she lied to the army reserve about whom was watching her child, in the hopes that he’d finish the job he started. She’s been out on bond since 2010 and is still awaiting trial claiming she’s the victim. Her name is Helen Roxanne Reyes and she and her boyfriend are both disgusting human beings.

  • Lee

    If he was abused, then he knows what happened to him wasn’t right and did not feel good, and he doesn’t feel good about the person who did it. Therefore, it stands to reason, he knew it wasn’t right and wouldn’t feel good to her. He is a rabid dog and needs to be put down!

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