Girl shaves head to support friend with cancer, gets banned from school

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- Delaney Clements is only 11 years old, but the bubbly little girl has already faced a lifetime of hardships.

"I have cancer called neuroblastoma and I've been getting a treatment called chemotherapy and it makes my hair fall out," she said.

Delaney has received a lot of support from the community around her and recently, Kamryn Renfro shaved her head to show support.

"It made me feel very special and that I'm not alone," Delaney said.

"For a little girl to be really brave and want to shave her head in support of her friend, I thought it was a huge statement and it builds character," said Delaney's mother, Wendy Campbell.

The good deed didn't go unnoticed, but it got some unexpected results.

"They won't let me go back to school because of my shaved head," Kamryn said.

Kamryn is a student a Caprock Academy, a charter school in Grand Junction.

According to a statement made by the school's board of directors, the school has a detailed dress code and shaved heads are not allowed.

Faced with this dilemma, the girls' moms took to social media -- and they received a lot of feedback from parents like Corrina Shirley.

"She didn't shave her head to be a part of a gang or to be a rebel," Shirley said. "She shaved her head to show her friend that she wasn't alone."

Shirley has two daughters of her own - and she says that while she respects the decision, she strongly disagrees with it.

"I think there's times that rules are extremely important and I think there's times that compassion is far more important than any rule book," Shirley said.

And even with the uproar it's caused, Kamryn said she doesn't regret her decision.

"Yeah, it felt like the right thing to do," the third-grader said.

The headmaster of Caprock Academy said that Kamryn will be allowed back at school Tuesday.

According to KKCO, the board of directors said it sometimes makes exceptions to the dress code and will be meeting to discuss this particular situation.

Source: CNN/KKCO


  • lisa

    That is the problem now, no one uses common sense anymore. Instead of punishing this little girl they need to use her as a example to other children to teach them what compassion is all about.

  • mindy

    let the girl go to school and support her little friend to i do understand dress codes but come on now really she is 11 there are grown ups out there that would not do this for anyone and now a 11 yr old little girl get punished thats just wrong…

  • Linda Walker

    I am beginning to wonder if anyone uses common sense anymore or are they so unintelligent that they have to read rule books to make decisions. This was not a symbolic move of disrespect.

  • Susan Talley Sayen

    I’m not a fan of sueing “just because.” In this case I hope the parents of this child who was supporting her friend , does so! It’s a sheved head, not a gang sign tatooed on her forehead. I hope they stand up to this school!!

  • Kirkman

    Any school that is using this kind of judgemet does not need to be in charge of any child for education. Educaion is not just rules, it needs to teach compasion and love for the fellow students along with reading and math. When rules become more important than compassion it is time to remove your child from that school or change the leadership of the school. I would not wish poor health on anyone, but someday those people that made this decision will need compasion in their lives and then and only then will they ever understand.

  • Bridget Mullin

    What has ever happened to common sense, this girl shows how well she has been brought up at home. I expect she will be an
    amazing adult, well done young lady

  • Candace Conrad

    It’s a shame the school doesn’t show the compassion and caring that this 13yr old child does–if they did this world be a whole lot better off–shame on them for be so callous and cold hearted–

  • Brandon

    What in the hell is wrong with schools anymore. Little girl you didn’t do anything wrong and sorry for saying hell I’m just upset with people that are stupid. Show your support little girl.

  • Negamonte Firestone

    Once again this demonstrates that no good deed goes unpunished. That school should be ashamed, and I think the person who originally said F-you to the kid should be FIRED and made to PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE for their HEARTLESS behavior!

  • Terri

    I would LOVE to see most if not all of the kids in that school shave their heads to show support for both of those girls!!

  • Lynn Bemer Coble

    Thank God the school has made the decision to let her back in. I understand the need for a dress code. I understand gang symbols, colors, and so forth. However, they need to investigate a situation before making an arbitrary decision. This has now been all over national media. Is that really the perception that any school wants the public to have about it? This is how reputations can be forever scarred. Congratulations to this girl for finding such a heartfelt way to support her friend.

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