Friend describes phone call with Menice Smith after homicides, assault

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Joseph McAlister, a friend of Menice Montell Smith, is shedding light on why Smith may have killed two women and beat a third Monday morning.

McAlister says Smith called him around 5:40 a.m. Monday and explained his violent actions over the phone.

“He had just killed two people. And he had tried to kill a third person,” said McAlister. “I asked him why would he do something like that? He told me he was tired of the abuse... the relationship he was in, she would talk down to him. Talk to him like he was nothing.”

McAlister says Smith was talking about Jamie Lynn Goode, the woman police found dead on Sydney Oaks Drive in Browns Summit. McAlister told FOX8 Smith did express remorse for what he’d done.

“He began to cry and stuff and said he loved her, stuff like that,” said McAlister.

Smith reportedly never talked about the other two women. McAlister says the conversation ended after Smith said he planned to kill himself.

“I began to tell him nothing was worth taking his life. He should turn himself in. He said he couldn't spend the rest of his life in prison,” said McAlister.

McAlister says he has shared his information with Guilford County deputies and Greensboro police.


  • Jeanette Kelley

    I can’t understand when people get so upset with others they start out taking others lives before considering to take their own. Most of the time they are upset about themselves. Lord please be with all the families in this situation.Give them strength to endure.

  • sherri

    I don’t care what he told that friend of his and Why didn’t the friend call the police from another phone and let them know what he did. Don’t post none about my cousin like she this bad person. My cousin was not like that and if anything Jaime was helpful and respectful to everyone. I been around them I have never heard her even raise her voice to that Demon. Why would a successful woman as my cousin need to stay with a man she needed to treat with abuse and if that the reason he killed my cousin then please explain to me the reason. Why? he took the life of this other woman and beat another woman. What did they do to that a coward? He plan to do what he did and because he drove around thinking, planning and talking to this friend on the phone about what he done and how he did it further lets me know he knew what he was doing. People kill me want to make this monster out of a saint like he was such a good person well that the man you knew. Clearly the real Menice Smith was hiding behind all that goodness in him. Trust me he just answered to a higher power so my family may not no why he done what he done to take my cousin away from us. but the best justice we can get is he answering to god!!!!clearly Hell is where he belong!!! he has affected not only 3 families but his own also.

    My cousin was the best and she never treated him the way his friend is saying to give you a story to post. Menice was a coward he took his life because he didn’t want to go to jail. So he knew what he was doing was wrong so he kills himself to keep from facing the faces of the families he hurt. But better in hell then in jail so he can’t use this lame excuse of killing my cousin in court.

  • sherri

    Instead of a friend he should have express remorse to his mother, his child and family cause they are the one affected by his action. He stood up to his name a Menice to Society!! That actually what he was, and no one deserve what he done to these women!!! no excuse for it.

  • Jason

    It is disgusting that you are trying to make this guy out to be a victim. It takes away from the true victims – the people who lost their lives and their families. If verbal abuse is a reason to kill someone, then I would wager majority of the population would have incentive to murder.

  • Danielle

    Prayers go out to all families involved. I think people are misunderstanding this article. This young man wasnt reporting to the news just to have something to say. I think he was reporting to the news only to SHARE what his friend Menice said to him. I dont see it as him saying that Ms. Goode was that type of person. He was only saying what Menice told him. It doesnt mean that he believed Menice. Also he did call the police. It was a friend that notified police and told them about what Menice had shared with him. I think the media is only reporting what he shared and no one is beliving that Jamie was a bad person. She lost her life and it was NO REASON for her to die b/c of Menice’s issues. My heart goes out to all thats involved. God said to forgive and thats what we all should do. I dont know any of the parties involved personally but I do know that God said for us to forgive and let him handle it. It so many families and friends that I’m sure are grieving and the public must respect that. This was a horrible tragedy that didnt have to happen. No one deserves to die and no one will ever know the reason behind his horrible actions. May God bless everyone.

  • Bessie Davis

    my name is Bessie the sister of the deceased and Im going to be her voice since she is no longer with us cause of this sinceless act that the accusor did but i am not one to judge and feed into this gossip but im going to say this first of all she was a mother a sister and a friend she was private person and affectionate person who loved people and animal(cats)who did not deserve this only god is judge prosecutor and jury and the truth is we all gone leave this earth one day but that when the man up of above sees fit and yes we do suppose to forgive but we cant fall short of people character of whom we are close to but she was an business woman who would give her last she was not the enemy to the accusor he was a victim of his own thoughts cause of the double life he was living and unfortunately these women fell victim to this massacre so since you want to tell his part all of this happen to her cause when she discovered some of his hidden secrets the double life his way of thinking she wanted out and he didnt thats why she not with us we were not only sisters we were best friend so there are two sides to every story but this is what living a double life got him we all got questions and they will be left unanswered cause of this cowardly act and the reason why i chose not to speak to media cause me and my family will have to deal with horrific tragedy for the rest of our life insteading of commenting on this we need to start praying for one another whether the person is good or bad and start checking on family friends or love ones and making sure they are okay cause we can see the physical state but not the mental so from here and now Im here voice and her children advocate cause everyone’s life has reflection look in the mirror that might have been you or your family so far me and my family we gone be good and my prayers go out to the family of the accussed and victims so read Psalms 54:17 God bless you all

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