Firefighter proposes to school counselor during fire drill

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GREENTOWN, Ohio — A firefighter proposed to his girlfriend during a school fire drill last week.

Justin Deierling surprised his girlfriend, Megan Zahorec, in front of staff and students at Greentown School, where Megan works as a counselor.

Justin proposed on March 19, six months from the day they first met.

Justin met Megan while volunteering at a walk-a-thon. He said he “instantly knew (Meagan) was someone special.”

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    • BLUEYEDEVIL14/88

      Oh-No…Teachers, cops and firefighters are our greatest resource. National treasures, selfless heroes. Overworked and underpaid. You sound like one of them bitter home-grown, thought-terrorists. You’re not supposed to question your overlords…..

  • Wendy Vernon

    That was beautiful! He even brought candy for the students…what a guy! What a lucky girl. I think it shows the fire fighters in a good, positive light, how can that be a waste of money!

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    I’m happy for these newlyweds, hopefully his marriage will be as good as mine has been the last 12yrs.With that being said,you don’t wait till the middle of a school day,drive an expensive fire truck crosstown to prove your sweet!Over 200 kids attend most elementary schools, who marches all those kids outside for something that personal? Situations like this prove my point that budget cuts are needed around the board!

    • Charlie

      oh yeah, get a freakin life man. the school do firedrills to educate the kids on what to do incase a real emergency happens. oh and the same proceedures are used in evacuations all around the country for other reason also, so to say this isnt needed is simply retarded and you have mental problems if you think that fire drills should be cut! what would you say if they cut fire drills right…. then 5 years from now all the kids die in a fire because they did not know what to do if a fire breaks out? ….. as i said get a life!

  • Alisha Couch

    It was a fire drill! They were already outside. I swear some people take such a great thing and find the negative in it. Must be hard not being able to think positive.
    I think it was a great way to propose.

  • Victoria

    Some people are so critical of the littlest things…quick to talk about budget cuts but too lazy to watch until the end. I would like to know how one would apply budget cuts to a VOLUNTEER fire department?

    • Ian

      i forgot that volunteer firefighters give their money to the department so they can fuel the truck, buy new fire gear, maintain upkeep of the firehouse, pay the electric/water/gas, living arrangements for those on duty at the firehouse, pay the real firefighters $50,000 a year (the guy wasnt a volunteer), and fight fires. I guess money just falls from the freakin sky in greentown right?


    Is this acceptable behavior in a taxpayer funded public school? No! She should be fired and he should be thrown off the volunteer fire dept. I don’t know about anyone else, but my private sector job would not accept this sort of nonsense from its employees and quite frankly I’m sick of teachers and cops acting as they are our overlords and constantly footing the bill for their shenanigans .

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