Deadline looms for Affordable Care Act enrollment

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- With less than a week left to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, local leaders are canvassing communities trying to get those who are still uninsured enrolled.

Religious and health care officials met Tuesday at St. Phillips AME Zion Church to get out the message that time is running out.

"Hop on, call the federal hotline; make an appointment with an in-person assistor,” said Mark Van Arnam from the Get Covered America campaign.

North Carolina ranks fifth in the country for health care sign up, and navigators say this week they've been busier than ever.

"Our appointments are filling almost as soon as we can put the appointments in," said Janet McAuley, a Greensboro-based navigator.

Jo Isler signed up in January.

She said after going into debt from a $6,000 knee replacement surgery, she needed a cheaper plan.

"It saved my life because I just couldn't afford it," Isler said.

Tax experts say not meeting next week's deadline could cause big problems next year.

"These penalties do go up substantially over the years," said Dennis Newman, tax manager at Sharrard, McGee, & Company accounting firm.

Not signing up by the deadline could cost an individual up to $95 or one percent of their income, capped at $285 per family for 2014.

In 2015, the penalty jumps to $325 or two percent of household income.

"You'd hate to pay a penalty for something that you probably should have," Newman said.


  • NobodyAtAll

    “You’d hate to pay a penalty for something that you probably should have,” Newman said..
    When will America let the individual decide what is right for themselves? And what I really hate are wannabe dictators..I’ll buy Obamacare when rain falls up..

  • Chandler

    I remember before all this “Boma Care” ever started.
    Everyone complained about skyrocketing insurance prices and Outrageous emergency room visit prices.
    And blamed it on the moochers going to see a Doctor at the hospital without insurance, I know, I was one of those low incomed persons seeing a Doctor for strept throat @ the Emergency room with no insurance (knowing that I couldn’t afford the $3,000 bill)
    Well guess who signed up for affordable healthcare?
    Now my son and I have insurance.

  • Weusedtoblamebush

    Is this a joke? I’ve heard this ten times since 2010! That makes this president worse than Jimmy Carter. More lie’s if you like your doctor you can keep him/her. Delay/Delay/Delay/Delay/Delay/Delay/Delay/Delay/Delay/Delay that’s a lot lies!! And you people trust this? It’s not a tax if you dont sign up, But now it is. What else can be made up on the spot in this obamacare? I will pay the TAX and call it LIBERTY TAX!

    • NobodyAtAll

      Oh yeah these sheeple will do anything Odumbo says..They’re too scared to stand up and tell this closetcommie to go to h*ll..

  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    I would like to see a single payer system and true reform to reign in the HMO’s that have destroyed our health care system, along with our politicians (both parties).

    That being said, the ACA program is a joke and I will not be joining it and will wait for it to collapse. For those who signed up for it, it is a great program if you need a lot of care and use it often. But for normal people, it will drain your savings very quickly.

    Just remember people, you not only have to pay your monthly premiums, you have to pay your deductible before the program actually starts paying the bills. If you have a $6500 deductible, you have to pay your premium and your $6500 deductible before your plan starts covering anything.

    So, if you get sick or hurt yourself in month 11, you will have paid 11 months of premiums and still have to pay the $6500 before they pay anything. Now, if you have a heart attack or need some very expensive care, it is well worth it (as long as you have $6500 sitting in the bank), but if you don’t, your out of luck.

    The politicians and the health care system as a whole created this problem and they need to fix it.

  • Brian

    For one signing the Affordable Care Act into law by the president is unconstitutional. I’m pretty sure if you could take it to court you would probably beat it and have the penalty waived. All the laws that are written these days are worded to where the general public does not understand them. I’m not signing up for anything that is being forced onto me. J would rather home remedy myself unless I’m about to die or seriously injured. Now it may come down to where I have to sign up but you won’t see me in the emergency room for every little pain or sickness. I see a lot of folks abusing the system every day. I wish someone would stand up and let these people know that if they cannot pay for their visit to work it off or pay installments.

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