74-year-old woman released from prison after 32 years for murder she didn’t commit

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Mary Virginia Jones

CALIFORNIA — A 74-year-old woman will leave her prison cell today after spending 32 years behind bars for a murder committed by her abusive boyfriend, a judge ruled Monday.

Mary Virginia Jones, 74, was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery in a 1981 shooting death.

She was serving a life sentence for driving the getaway car, while her boyfriend committed murder, kidnapping and robbery.

Recently, Law students at USC’s Post-Conviction Project argued Jones would not have been convicted if the jury had heard testimony on the effects of intimate partner battery, previously known as “Battered Women’s Syndrome.”

The District Attorney set aside her convictions in exchange for a no-contest plea. Jones will be credited for time served.

Jones has already served 11,875 days, which exceeds the 11-year maximum sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

Jones’ boyfriend at the time, Moose Willis, who was sentenced to death, died while on death row.

Source: KTLA


  • allboymom

    I sure hope she can have some peace for the remaining years she is here on earth. She has served more than enough time she should have gotten for what happened…situations like this don’t deserve jail time, they need healing time….

  • Stacey

    Now this poor woman has no SSI to rely on…how will she survive in the big ugly world we all live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure she can sue, but that could take years to collect. Sad, sad story !!!!!!!! I wish her the best !!!!

  • Thomas T

    You Lwingers – she drove the getaway car in a murder/robbery!!!
    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!
    USC students use a loophole leftwing approach to keep eating our Country alive. Pathetic.

  • Susie Q

    There is a way around everything. This world rotates around lawyers and loopholes.
    It takes common sense to realize if you are driving a getaway car, while someone is committing a murder, you could just drive off.
    Some of you have zero common sense. Your big ole hearts think she was a battered lady. You all don’t have children these monsters are killing.

  • Joe

    Thomas, your wasting your breath trying to convince low informed liberals that she was convicted becouse she was guilty. If she was sentenced to life, she should have done life.

  • nurse one

    I know that was not Faith’s comment, but in saying, she should have not driven the getaway car. I was in an abusive relationship once…last thing I would have done was be an accessory in a murder. Shame she served so long though. I understand what that can do to people. I hope the rest of her life she can heal. My thoughts and prayers for her and her family and glad she was cleared of something she didn’t do.

  • Dave S

    Wow what a misleading headline and from the few responses it appears it worked.. This woman is GUILTY… She is not an innocent. There is also no evidence she was battered woman.. It only suggests she would have received a lesser charge had the jury been read the effects of battered woman syndrome… She was elbow deep and participant in the robbery and murder of an innocent… Once again playing I am victim is an out of jail free card…

  • Dave S

    Nothing that released her contradicted any evidence used to convict her.. Nothing gets my goat more than the rampant overcharging we see nowadays.. except guilty people getting out because someone years later decided that it was just easier to let them go than go than deal with it.. Even in lesser charge she pled too completely ignores the statutes . No elements of the crime change nothing that would change her conviction.. perhaps only the judges discretion in prison time… but with mandatory sentencing no…. she should should still be behind bars

  • Debbie

    The state will pay her a big lump sum of money now, not to mention all she’s already cost the state. Leave her in jail where she belongs. If she drove the get a way car that means she had the otion to drive a way from the boyfriend and seek help. She chose to take part in a robbery that led to murder.

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