‘Producer Whitney’ leaving 107.5 KZL to promote ‘No Body Shame Campaign’

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Whitney Thore (Courtesy: YouTube/JaredandKatie)

Whitney Thore (Courtesy: YouTube/JaredandKatie)

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Producer Whitney announced Monday morning that she will be taking time off from her full-time position at 107.5 KZL to promote her "No Body Shame Campaign."

Whitney Thore, better known across the Piedmont as “Producer Whitney” on 107.5 KZL’s Jared and Katie morning radio show, became a viral sensation with her "Fat Girl Dancing" videos posted on YouTube.

The videos are part of a “No Body Shame Campaign” that promotes self-confidence.

On Monday, Thore told listeners about the multiple opportunities the videos and campaign have provided her. So after two years with KZL, Thore will take some time off from her full-time position as producer to explore her options.

She says she will be checking in with the show as her schedule allows, but will not be in the studio every day.

Thore said she was beyond grateful to KZL, her co-workers and her listeners.

Last month, Thore told FOX8 the most important part of her “No Body Shame Campaign” is encouraging people to find what makes them happy and pursue it.

For more about Thore’s campaign, visit www.nobodyshame.com.

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    • Haters

      So ignorant Mark….They are hard workers just like the rest of us and they put in the hours and time for work. Not cool to bash what they do and if you dont like them, dont listen – pretty simple task to say the least!

  • 2Cents

    Good for you Whitney! Take the rest of the morning show chatterboxes on tour with you. That show is like nails on a chalkboard. But still, congrats on your new path!

  • Jessica

    I’m sorry but I can’t be the only one who is kind of grossed out by the “Fat Girl Dancing” videos. I am all for self-confidence and loving your body, but do it privately. I know this girl has a medical condition, PCOS, but I also know because I live with it as well, that it can be managed so that you don’t gain that much weight. Good for her for getting away from 107.5, maybe now I won’t have to see the videos posted all the time.

  • Kammy

    Some of you ppl are so RUDE & INCONSIDERATE!
    To Ms Whitney & anyone else out there trying to better themselves….
    Keep On Doing Whatcha Doing!!! You have MORE supporters than haters!
    Haters hate bc they are jealous and plain old mean people. Let them be encouragement you! You do what you do for YOU! Keep that determination and faith that you can accomplish your goal! YOU GOT THIS!!! ;-)

    • Will Grant

      The only thing she GOT is a mound of cellulite that is going nowhere fast…so drop the cheerleader act, “Kammy.”

  • crissie

    Not liked her since she chewed up the food and feed it to that woman. That was just totally nasty. Glad to see you are moving forward and I do back you but still have problems with what I stated above, Hard to not picture that when I hear you talk. Good luck with everything.

  • Doc

    Nice…lets glorify being fat. Not like it increases healthcare cost for everybody and not like you won’t be a burden on society. So take two big old handfuls and embrace your lardness…heck give yourself a hug if you could…probably have to walk around you 5 times but what the hey!

  • KevinB

    to Doc, Blaming fat people for high healthcare? You must be on the same meds you give out. High healthbcare is due to all the people who dont work and get it for free. She may be over-weight but she does WORK which means she pays for her healthcare. I hope your not a real doctor because its scary to know how ignorant doctors really are. She isnt glorifying “being fat” her intent is to love yourself. Not to be a fake oh I want to look like jlo type of person.

  • really?

    Ok, I really don’t get it. I would never put anybody down for how much they weigh (we all have things we need to work on!) and I’m all for people feeling good about themselves. However, it seems like this promotes being fat. Obesity is a problem in our society, and I don’t feel it should be glorified. I’m not trying to be negative, and I’m extremely happy for Whitney and her sucess…. I just don’t get it.

  • Miss Kitty

    I’m so happy for you Whitney! Self love and respect for our uniqueness is vitally important in today’s world. I will certainly miss your input and sense of humor! This show is what makes my mornings so fabulous and you will be missed!

  • lori

    I completely agree kevin! People should hate on the smokers because that sure does not help our healthcare costs from rising. Whitney is doing what makes her happy and anyone who does not want to see it, do not watch her videos and if you don’t like 107.5 then don’t listen to it. I love the station though, the morning show and all! Don’t be so mean and hurtful people.

  • Jessie

    You go girl! I think it is awesome what your doing do not let idiots who
    Have no clue what it is like to stuggle with wieght issues put you down they obviously have some issues themselves if they have nothing better to do than put down people.

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