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Wanted man dead after alleged double-murder, assault on postal worker

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Menice Montell Smith

Menice Montell Smith

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Browns Summit man wanted in connection with two homicides and a separate assault on a postal worker died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a police pursuit in Greensboro on Monday afternoon.

On Monday morning, police said Menice Montell Smith, 41, of Browns Summit, was wanted after a woman's body was found early Monday inside a home on Sydney Oak Drive in Browns Summit.

Police described the victim as a Smith's neighbor. She was later identified as 36-year-old Jamie Lynn Goode.

Smith also allegedly assaulted a female postal worker, identified as 52-year-old Deborah Kay Huffine, with a crowbar when she showed up for work at the Yanceyville Street post office around 5 a.m. Monday.

Witnesses say Smith, a truck driver contracted for the Postal Service, assaulted the woman with a crowbar, causing life-threatening trauma to her head. She was transported to Moses Cone Hospital to received treatment for her injuries. As of Monday evening she was listed in stable condition.

Accident scene near S. Elm Eugene (WGHP)

Accident scene near S. Elm Eugene (WGHP)

Around 12 p.m., a Guilford County Sheriff's deputy observed a white vehicle in a "regional alert" and attempted to stop it near S. Elm Eugene St. shortly before noon on Monday.

The vehicle matched a vehicle description provided by Greensboro Police.

Police said Smith accelerated initiating the pursuit. Nearby Greensboro police officers assumed the pursuit which ended when Smith's vehicle crashed into a tree in the median of the 3300 block of S. Elm Eugene St.

When officers approached the vehicle, they discovered that Smith had fatally shot himself. He was pronounced deceased at Moses Cone Hospital.


Pineway Drive (WGHP)

Around 12 p.m. Monday, police responded to reports of a woman dead inside a home on Pineway Drive.

Police responded to the home after confirming that the license plate on the Mercedes driven by Smith was registered to this address.

The victim has been identified as 46-year-old Michaela Dionne Brewington.

Smith was work acquaintances with Huffine and Brewington, who were both employed by the United States Postal Service. It’s unclear at this stage of the investigation how he knew Goode.

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  • saddened

    I have known Menice for over 30 yrs and I use to say Me” Nice because he was nothing but nice. I know something must have been terribly wrong in his mind and heart I realize everybody is hurting on both sides its some really cruel comments when God is the Only Judge, we should be mindful how we speak on other people situation, it could be you so respectful words are due to both families they all have somebody that love them and hurting .God is the Only Judge!

  • Blu Heff

    “Please be respectful of all families involved. You cowards with your insensitive comments should be ashamed of yourself. I would love to wish something bad on you, but instead I will just pray for you. I have known this man my entire life and he didn’t have an aggressive or violent bone in his body. Something else was going on and we were not aware of it. So please keep all negative comments to yourself and show some respect. Color and race had nothing to do with it! All people suffer from mental illnesses and this is why we need to notice the signs and get proper treatment to those who need it.”

    NJB tell that to the woman he brutally beat with a fuc*ing crowbar you idiot!! Mental illness is NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER or to assault women. I dont care if he was convicted or not, running from the police and killing himself is enough admittance of his guilt as I need. See I could pray for him but i wish the coward never too k his life… I wish he was in prison now getting his food, toilet paper and a**hole tooken. I dont care if you knew him your whole life, children kill their parents, people kill their spouces and the ammount of time the vicitm and offender knew eachother means about as much as how long you knew the offender… jack sh*t. I know people who work with the vicitms and I’d love to see you tell them this ignornant, sheep a** comment. You are whats wrong with America. Making excuses for people who need punishment when you should be shutting the fu*k up.

  • Brewster Cogburn

    Menice Montell Smith was a cruel selfish killer who has taken away loved ones; who gives a rats a** hair if he liked small animals and was a good role model for young men getting their hair cut. Menice Montell Smith will always be known as a inhuman killer of unarmed women, he is no role model. Yes, Menice Montell Smith family will have to bear the shame of his actions but the women’s family who he murdered will have to live without their loved one for all time. May Menice Montell Smith met justice in the afterlife. No mental illness, just a hate filled soul stoked by hatred of women. You notice he only killed women, coward, unmanly, dwarf like mental degenerate.

  • shelbie young

    so sad for everyone involved. But nobody is judge and jury for anyone. It could happen to anyone of us at anytime. PRAY for victims and their families

  • Totally Tragic

    i have known Menice since 2006…he was a kind hearted person and i am in disbelief just like many others who knew him…he was a very spiritual person and i pray that he asked god to forgive him after he took the lives of the two women and badly injured the other…also that he asked for forgiveness before he took his own life…i pray for all involved…especially the children that are left without a parent

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