Winston-Salem police investigate homicide after body found

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The 2500 block of Gilmer Avenue in Winston-Salem (Google Maps)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Winston-Salem police said they’re investigating the city’s third homicide of 2014 after a 22-year-old man was found dead early Sunday morning.

Police said they found the body of Christopher Reshawn Thompson after responding to a call in the area of 2500 Gilmer Avenue around 3:30 a.m.

Police said Thompson had sustained a fatal gunshot wound and was found on the ground.

Police said detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division have assumed responsibility for the investigation, which is in the early stages.

Winston-Salem police said this is the city’s third homicide of the year, as compared to one for the same period of time in 2013.

Anyone with information can call Winston-Salem police at (336) 773-7700 or Crimestoppers at (336) 727-2800.


    • targetsacquired

      Sarcasm fail. You left out the part where the person who committed the act probably can not buy a weapon legally, and even if he could, the laws in place obviously are something he or she could care less about as evidenced by their actions of committing murder.
      The “guns readily available” BS only applies to those who can legally purchase….not the felon who might have one, but can not legally buy…..and THERE is your problem. Not those of us who never wish to have to clear leather.
      I know thats gonna be hard to wrap your head around….but its the illegally obtained weapons by those who legally should not be in possession of you need to worry about…

      • Patrice Collins

        Thank you targetsaquired. My sentiments exactly. I do not like guns but if you take guns away from law abiding citizens only the criminals will have them and then how helpless would we all be?

  • Thomas

    And I thought that recent gun buy-back program that the city held last week was supposed to stop this and other incidents like this morning’s shooting of a WSPD officer.

  • amazedatthenews

    Really? A gun control argument? Grown bored of this discussion already. Its the person who pulls the trigger, not the weapon. And btw, knives kill too, as well as cars, and lightening storms!!! I say lets ban EVERYTHING!!! (NOW THATS GOOD SARCASM RIGHT THERE!)

  • keisha

    how could you be sarcastic about that? That’s someone’s son,friend, brother etc. & personally MY friend. I’m sure you wouldn’t be sarcastic if this story was about someone YOU knew. @amazedatthenews

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