UNC-Charlotte student found dead after falling from dorm

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Authorities said a University of North Carolina at Charlotte student was found dead after apparently falling from his dorm room.

University spokeswoman Buffie Stephens told the Charlotte Observer that the student’s body was found early Sunday morning outside Moore Hall.

The identity of the victim has not been released.

Moore Hall is a 12-story residence hall off campus and the student reportedly fell from the seventh floor. Officials have not released details surrounding the incident.

The university said they are working with police to investigate all possibilities. The investigation is ongoing.

Source: The Charlotte Observer


  • Emily

    The windows at those dorms (Moore, Holhouser) have no screens or safety features. I visited a relative in the dorm and his bed was next to the screenless window (how the bed was situated originally). I could see how someone could accidentally fall.

    • Mike

      Its the same here in Sanford. The window has no screen, and It is so hot that it is unbearable to leave the window closed. We complained about the heat, but the bark of a few cannot bite that of the many.

    • Cycl-1

      No it’s not. It happened when I was a freshman back in ’96. That time the girl was lucky and only fell from the second floor. I wish they would change all the high rise windows. They’re dangerous.

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