Immigrants march for North Carolina driver’s licenses

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Several hundred protestors marched to the Governor’s Mansion Saturday afternoon demanding Governor Pat McCrory and state lawmakers take action on immigration reform.

WTVD-TV reported that the march stopped at the Governor’s Mansion and the legislative building in the newest push for more protection under state law.

The “March of Licenses” is an effort to encourage the state to issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.

Hundreds of immigrants and their supporters marched in hopes of being able to drive in North Carolina.

They started on Fayetteville Street outside of some banks — symbolizing that immigrants are financial contributors in this state.

The group then went to the General Assembly and the Governor’s Mansion, before ending at the Capitol.

An organizer says fear drove these people to pound the pavement.

“Whenever they have a call from the school or their child is sick, they’re scared to get on the road to go pick up their child because if a police officer stops them that’s another ticket and depending on what county you live in, that might even lead to deportation,” said Sergio Sanchez, “March for Licenses” organizer.

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  • Rebecca Shepard

    Don’t force me to break the law? You ALREADY are breaking the law by being illegal. Also we have a license for certain undocumented folks. Don’t like it, move to California where they will welcome your illegal self with open arms.

    • D. Hunter

      Everyone should be allowed to live and work where they want to. If there is a law against that, then something is wrong with the law, not the people. Anyone who lives in the U.S. pays taxes. If they are here “illegally”, then they are paying taxes without representation, since they can’t vote. We all need to remember that these are PEOPLE. If you sit your butt in church on Sundays, then stop passing judgement and realize the god you worship created them too. Treat people with dgnity and respect. I know people who have entered legally, and guess what? Ten years and still no green card. It is expensive and takes an eternity. The laws are flawed.

      • OldSoldier

        No other country in the world treats illegal immigration like we do. Our policy is counter productive. You want to come to this country then do it legally. Sneak across out border, sorry, suffer the consequences. Yes they are people. People who break our laws which is not the way to start a new life.
        You don’t get to choose which law you don’t like and just ignore it.
        By the way, that drivers license unlocks a lot of other benefits beside just driving. Illegally here? NO LICENSE.

      • buyamerican

        You’re right D hunter! Tomorrow, i’m going to march into Canada and demand they cater to all my needs. I will demand a drivers licenses and the right to vote as well as health care. I will apply for all assistance available and by god..i better get it. I will also demand that all French signs and labels be duplicated in English to accommodate me. Just let them try to deny me anything…I’m a person and I can and will live and work anywhere i please. You with me? We’ll catch the bus north in the morning, when we get to the border and border patrol ask for our passports…we’ll tell em’ to get the **** out of the way we’re comming in!
        See-ya in the morning.

      • D. Hunter

        Well, yeah buyamerican! Like I said, people should be able to live in whatever place they decide to move to. And when they get there and have to pay taxes, they should get a driver’s license, voting rights, etc. because they LIVE THERE and PAY TAXES like everyone else. Glad to see you’re getting it. On a sadder note, sorry to hear about your fear of second languages. If you ever go to Europe, (or just about any other place on Earth, you’ll find they’ve mastered it and gotten along just fine.

      • realamerican

        D. Hunter you are an idiot. You are to busy trying to fight something just to be against it, that you have blinders on to what is real and what is being said. They are here ILLEGALLY. Which means what??? Oh yea they do not pay taxes. And buyamerican was not saying they have a fear of second languages they are saying they are going to be like the immigrants here and be to dang lazy to learn our language and our rules and follow it all and instead demand for it to all be changed to suit them even though they are illegal here. Seriously before you sound anymore ingnorant than you already do just go ahead and stop talking.

      • Dorothy Peters

        If they are here ILLEGALLY and are working they are NOT paying taxes because you need to have a social security number (legal ssn). You need to provide LEGAL documentation in order to obtain a drivers license. If they can provide LEGAL (not fake or forged) documents then let them have their license. Oh that’s right, that would make them legal.

        If they are here legally and have their green cards, then yes they are paying taxes and they are able to get a license.

      • buyamerican

        Well D., do you have locks on the doors and windows of your home, or maybe even have an alarm system? Do you lock your car when you go to the mall? How about passwords and PIN numbers for your bank accounts? I’m betting you do, what i would like to know is WHY? Why would a person of your good nature that always treats “gods people” with dignity and respect need such devices and safeguard…..Thats right, to protect your property from thievery which is what illigals are doing to you & i plus every other tax paying citizen in the US. Walk the talk D. and remove all those safeguards. Open YOUR home and YOUR pantry, place YOUR debit card on the diningroom table. After all, i’m sure all those respectable people will only take what is absolutely necessary for them to make a better life for themselves…aren’t you? Just a thought for you to ponder while sitting your butt in church this sunday!

    • Mrs. Wright

      we have to many illegals here already go back where you came from and get your drivers permit there.

  • Dana Michelle

    financial contributors? so you do pay taxes?

    so what happens to unlicensed illegal immigrants when they get stopped by the police. or crash into a gold toyota with no insurance, license etc after they had too many cervezas? (note –i was driving the toyota)

    also note – the latino cop called onto the scene afterwards didnt seem very concerned with their “legality” either….

  • Mayela

    We started out as a country of immigrants and now that we are getting more we stand up and say no we don’t want you here. You’re not like us so go back from where you are. Can you say hypocrite? Immigrants pay taxes, contribute to the society and sure all immigrants aren’t perfect but no race is. You can say that many immigrants sell weed and such and I can say so do African American and so do Caucasians. Not giveing a license to undocumented people is more than just because they are illegal. It is about politics. Yes they broke a law but they are doing everything else correctly. The state is making cuts left an right if you want to help support this movement and you will see how the price of a license for an immigrant will be like $40 for two years. Watch the income pour in, watch the state grow.

    • dobydog1

      yes this is a country of immigrants but immigrants and illegals are not the same. way back as a country and like all other countries, we passed immigration laws. ever heard of Ellis Island? many immigrants came through there and many who came were turned back and refused entry because they were sick, or could not support themselves or had criminal records in their home countries. of course these immigrants came mainly from Europe. Maybe you can explain why people who come mainly from countries south of us are above our laws. maybe you can explain why they need to be rewarded with all the rights of citizenship when all thery have done is sneak into the country under the dark of night!

    • Christi Renee Hazelwood

      @ Mayela “yes, they broke a law, but they are doing everything else correctly” …. this is your reasoning? How about US citizens aren’t given a pass when they break a law, using the argument that they “are doing everything else correctly”. So, I want to know why you people think the rules should be different for you. You want license? GET LEGAL & LEARN ENGLISH FIRST!! If you don’t want to do that, then go back to wherever the hell you came from. Simple!!

    • targetsacquired

      Lets say hypocrite…..what is the penalty if someone does the same in Mexico?
      Ahhh…you dont wish to talk about those things do you?

      Yes, they broke a law, and as such, their rights are suspended til its paid for. Therefore, they need to keep walking.
      BTW, a DL isnt a right, its a privileged action/certificate issued by the state for legal residents.

      Lets take it one step farther. You are here illegally, you have an accident with no insurance or DL, it should mean, instant deportation back to the farthest border of the country you came from.

    • OldSoldier

      I support immigrants. I am against people thinking they can break our immigration laws.
      How about you look at how Mexico handles this issue. NO welfare or schools or medical care on the back of their citizens.
      You dare complain about not getting a license.

  • sinnerfrank

    Well why not ask for their SS numbers are cards,show us you really contribute to this country !! You want the benefits then pay taxes!!

  • Dana Michelle

    i dont care if your latino, white, black or whatever – what i care about is you play by the same rules the rest of us have to live by. make it legal, become a citizen, pay taxes, get a license, have some car insurance etc – LIKE THE REST OF US AMERICANS

    you want to be in america so bad – then follow the same rules americans do.

  • dobydog1

    I would bet they could drive in their countries so go home and do not be here breaking the law. also wouldn’t giving illegals all the benefits of a legal resident be considered aiding and abetting a criminal in the commission of a crime? aiding and abetting is a crime in itself. so now illegals think our government officials shuold break the law to make them feel better about about being criminals. enough already – lock down the border, fine the ones here and send them back to where they came from.

  • MelodyS

    They want drivers licenses now. Before long they will want the government to buy them brand new houses. They already walk around acting like they are better than us. For all you farmers, watch your goats or it will be their main course for dinner tomorrow night.

  • The One

    They should have taken everyone of the undocumented/illegal immigrants that was in that protest march and deported them. That would have been the legal thing to do.

  • Jason

    These people make me sick!!!!! They come here illegally, then DEMAND that we give them everything they want except paying taxes. I say they “migrate” right back where they came from and demand things from their government.

  • joe012

    If they don’t like OUR laws, they should take the bus……back to their home country wherever that may be.

  • Mrs. Wright

    The reason the police are not to concerned is obama he wants the the mex tex illegals to vot him back in the white house again.But we think or hope it will not be possible for him to ever go back to washington but to visit.

    • FaithC

      You are half right. He can not be voted back into the white house as president, (he can only serve 2 terms),but he does want to make all the illegals, legal so they can vote for his party.

  • Sniper762mm

    How about get a VISA (not talking about a credit card either) or a Green Card, before we even think about giving you a driver’s license.

    As far as “don’t force me to break the law”, well compadre, I hate to break it to you, but you broke the law when you entered into the country illegally.

  • NobodyAtAll

    So how is it that by not having a driver’s license would force anyone to break the law? Hey, take the bus, call a cab, call a friend, walk, run, ride a bike, whatever..”Don’t make me break the law”..So who held a gun to your head and forced you to break the law by entering this county..

  • Jeannie Heath

    This is so idiotic. If your illegal, leave. Your already breaking the law. If your legal, getting a license is not a problem. Why were there not immigration officials at this rally? Oh, never mind – votes. Which are illegal too but then it’s ok.

  • Van Crust

    The irony of the guy saying “Don’t make me break the law” and already breaking the law by being here illegally is why there shouldn’t even be a discussion at this point. There’s a loud swishing sound I hear and it’s the USA flushing itself down the toilet into third world mediocrity.

  • Smart

    It is impressive how many ignorant have in this country, first thing, probable all of you don’t know “w-7”, that w-7 was created long time ago for the immigrants pay tax, they don’t need ss number to pay tax, buy a car, open company, buy houses, so don’t be stupid to say something that you don’t know, anotherthing lot of immigrants makes more money then you and some that I know bought houses without any help and some with cash.
    I have a company, tried before hire some American to work, waist of time, only found lazy one, never more, so please don’t compare, without immigrants, legal or illegal, this country without then will not survive, who knows you guys are not employee of one immigrant!!!

    • MelodyS

      Well you know, maybe they should deport all illegal immigrants, the people that knowly hire them and the ones that are whining that they should be here. You want to be around them so bad, go to Mexico with them! And it is surprising how many ignorant people don’t know that waist and waste are two different things!

    • joe012

      Since they are so smart and hard working as some people claim, I bet they would support cutting off ALL forms of public assistance and be more than willing to use their “hard earned Cash “to pay for all government programs and services like public schools and medical care. The fact is that the majority of illegals are here working for cash and soaking up my tax dollars to pay for their housing, food, medic al care and education. I am sure that there are area hard working ones out their but the fact is I really don’t care and the majority of the hard working citizen’s of this country are just as feed up as I am with listening to this bunch of freeloaders tell us what they are entitled because they were able to outrun the border patrol. If they are really so hard working, then they should support changing our government assistance programs. Question one, are you a US citizen? If not, there is the exit.

    • NobodyAtAll

      @ Smart, you use the word ignorant..Why? As your sentence and paragraph structure needs a lot of work..And spelling..

  • dobydog1

    your grandparents are the type of people who made this a great country. but like deadbeat relatives, illegals think they should get whatever they want by just holding out their hands. if this is what their grandparenbts were like it is most likely why they left loser countries.

  • chucky

    I say round the illegal aliens up when they gather to protest and ship them out. There are plenty or citizens in the US that moved here from elsewhere and they worked hard to do it and did it legally. I don’t have sympathy for people who come here illegally and then try to gripe about their rights.

    • Nurse One

      Changing the 14th Ammendment might also be a big help! Their 10 US born children all draw medicaid and welfare at our expense.

  • Elizabeth Wolf

    What most of you don’t understand is that people come here for a better life, to get a hard-working job so they can send THEIR money to their families in need. If you ever go to Mexico, it isn’t Cancun. It’s a country of need, and many families are in poverty. Many build their own houses, smaller than a McDonalds. Some families save as much as they can to apply for a VISA, a green card, anything. But then they are denied, and they need that money for their children, for their sick ones. So at times families are separated, to send the fater or oldest son to work in America. They start out with nothing, working lower than minimum wage jobs, nothing to their name, slowly and hopefully they get a good job, and start to build up money for their families. They learn minimum English, and in the beginning they need assistace from the Government, but guess what, many of them pay taxes. They buy things, use banks, so yes, they do contribute to society. What people fail to realize is that yes, America was founded on a country of immigrants, and to the Native Americans, the Europeans were ILLEGAL. So don’t be hypocrites.

    • joe012

      Believe it or not, their families and country are not my primary concern. I am focused on what is best for my family and country. Illegals coming into our country to take advantage of our good nature and exploit our system does not benifit me, my family, or my country. Perhaps rather than focusing their attention to taking advantage of our country, they should work on fixing theirs. 20 million people would make a difference. In the mean time, if they want a Golgotha temporary job, they can apply for a work visa and we can use there laborious to build a fence along our southern border.
      I do not see any value in them coming up here to have babies at tax payers expense. Then working for “below minimum wage “. If we deported them, then one of two things will happen. Someone will actually have to pay an American minimum wage or the end customer will have to get off their hind end, go outside and cut their own grass or clean their own toilets etc…. We as Americans will have to make the decision if we are willing to pay more for goods and services or pay more for people to take advantage of us. I for one am willing to pay more and do more work so my family does not have to support free loaders. If you feel differently, then give them your money or go to their country and fix their issues. Don’t let them impose their needs on our country and burden our children.

  • Edie

    Let’s stop going over history. Yes the indians were supposedly the original settlers, but they also had the vikings come here, which they ran out. Land was explored and often the people of the land was conquered. That the reality of life then and now. And now we have countries and immigration laws. And they are there for a reason. And that is the point here. Many Americans resent the fact that we have millions and millions of people here now that were never invited or overstayed their visit. Despite the fact that many of these people work hard, too many unfortunately are unskilled and under educated. They are unable to take care of themselves, let alone the many children some of them have. Educating a child can cost as much as $10,000 a year. And despite the fact that children are wonderful things, face it, it costs a lot of raise a child. The majority, not all now, of illegal immigrants will be a net deficit for this country. Those are simply facts. It has nothing to do with color of skin or language for their matter. Look at the countries these that most illegal immigrants come from. They were not even given an education in their own countries. We absolutely cannot allow these people to become U.S. citizens. If we do, we will be ruined. Poverty begats poverty. And that has been proven over and over.

    • nurse one

      Amen Edie. Half of my family came through Ellis Island. Had to pass a test in English, have a skill, a sponser, not be sick..etc. The other half is Cherokee. The past is the past. We must all move on. With millions of legal folks here not able to find a job, this is terrible. I feel for these people..but by cutting ahead in line, they are depriving people who really deserve to be here…people in worse situations than them. We don’t hear their stories do we? Wouldn’t it be great news to see the stories of the people waiting to come here only to be delayed by the millions sneaking over and dropping kids? CHANGE the 14th ammendment too…ugggh… NOW


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  • nurse one

    Send them back and allow the people who have been waiting in line with much worse conditions come in first. It would be great news to see their stories? But we hear theirs first. Line cutters! I have family that would love to be here. Even though I can be a bleeding heart, why don’t we hear all the stories and go from there? We cannot take them all in! Not that I compare animals to people, I have adopted many strays…Cannot take all of them or I couldn’t feed my own family. Draw a line and stick with it. Duh????? Line cutters!

  • nurse one

    oh, and to relate to the story…I do NOT want someone on the roadway who cannot read our signs driving at the same time as me…grrrr. Common sense out the window. Welcome to our new America! Good luck all.

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