Three suspects charged in five Greensboro robberies

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Authorities said three men were arrested after they robbed five people at gunpoint and then led Greensboro police on a car chase.

Aaron Spivey, 21, of Davidson County, and Antonio Stimpson and Lamarcus McKinnon, both 19 and of Greensboro, face multiple charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Greensboro police said the robberies took place between 5:30 and 6:54 a.m. Saturday. The suspects allegedly approached the victims as they got into their vehicles, pulling out handguns and demanding money.

The crimes were reported on Summit Aveue, Sunrise Valley Drive, Norwalk Street, Tremont Drive and Overlook Street.

The suspects stole vehicles during two of the robberies, according to police. None of the victims were injured.

Police said an officer in the area spotted the suspects’ car and the suspects led the officer on a chase.

Police said the car crashed on Beverly Place and the suspects got out and started running, but were eventually arrested.


  • rembrandt

    Because they want things and are too lazy to work for them Minnie. They take a want convert it to a need that way they can justify it in their own little minds.
    People like this don’t look at it as being mean they look at it as ” doing what they h
    ave to do to get by”.
    The reason all civilizations go to hell is because of lazy selfish people. Look at unions and the NAACP they started out as good ideas but went to pot because of a bunch of lazy selfish people .

  • FaithC

    Greensboro is a war zone. It is not safe in any neighborhood there. Glad they caught these 3 scum.
    Only 21 and 19 and this is how they think they should live their life. Punishment needs to be harsher for these criminals.

  • wild man

    i bet they learned this from grown people but that is a dame good way to get shoot never pull a gun unless your going to use it they well do this or something else one day and it well get them killed some people are just dame stupid

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