More than 40 dogs rescued from NC puppy mill

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DUPLIN COUNTY, N.C. – More than 40 dogs were taken after authorities raided a suspected puppy mill in Duplin County, about an hour southeast of Raleigh.

Officials said the dogs ranged from Yorkies to German shepherds and many were in bad shape, one even had a broken hip.

Animal control said all the dogs were living in terrible conditions at a home and some of the cages were welded shut. They said some were living in their own feces and urine and had no water.

Authorities said the dogs are now fine and the two men behind the puppy mill are now facing 44 misdemeanor charges each.


    • Becky Turner

      Your local rescues and shelters can use fosters too. If you can’t help these pups, please consider helping the ones close to you.

  • Victoria Carter

    I am definitely interested in adopting a female Shepard.. I am in Virginia but will make the trip!
    Thank you

    • Becky Turner

      I’m willing to bet there is a dog that fits the description of one you want, in a local shelter or rescue. One that has an equally bad story.

  • FaithC

    “two men behind the puppy mill are now facing 44 misdemeanor charges each.”
    This is why this continues. They should be facing felony charges not misdemeanor. People who can treat animals like this are scum and need to do serious jail time and hefty fines.

    • Phyllis Smith

      NC perpetuates animal cruelty with its lax laws…this should be a felony instead of misdemeanors. These guys will not be punished & will continue to breed, abuse and neglect many animals in the future. I never will understand how cruelty to any living creature is a misdemeanor. We need to vote out all our delegates in Raleigh and make sure the new ones we elect will work toward betters laws for all animals.

    • Becky Turner

      There are tons in rescues and shelters across the nation. Please consider helping them too. They have sad stories too.

    • Becky Turner

      You can definitely help your local rescue as well! Their animals need adopting and have equally as sad stories.

  • Tammy Hall

    I live in Lenoir county and have plenty of room to foster if needed….please leave information at my email address. ..

    • Becky Turner

      I would suggest contacting the actual rescue. The news crew can’t help you. The rescues don’t have time to email individual people info. They have hundreds of people who want them to do the same. They are using all their time and energy to actually help the animals.

    • Phyllis Smith

      I agree…go through the state and stop all puppy mills and scrutinize all back yard breeders carefully and make sure they only raise one litter of cats, dogs or whatever animal they are using for money…only one litter a year. We need to stop breeding until all animals have homes.

  • Becky Turner

    While this is sad, the sad thing is that 1000’S of animals go in shelters DAILY all across the nation. Just because their lives aren’t advertised doesn’t mean that they don’t matter. I hope you guys who are interested in fostering these dogs will actually consider fostering others across the nation who are equally in bad shape.

    Also, if you are interested in helping – leave a message w/the rescue group. This is the news webpage. The rescues don’t have time to email people individually nor will the news station email you individually about something they are just reporting on.

    Go to the source. Show you actually care.

      • Becky Turner

        Not necessarily bossy – sorry to come off that way. I volunteer w/my local shelter and I know not everyone is educated in the ins and outs of the shelter. I wasn’t until I started volunteering (and I’m not saying you aren’t educated). Anyway, it’s just disheartening as a volunteer to see animals waiting over half their lives for someone to love them. They have war stories as well. And while it’s nice to have someone interested in these puppy mill dogs that have war stories too, it would be nice if people would remember the ones that are going to get euthanized because they were forgotten.

        Just very passionate as a volunteer. No harm meant. There are many people out there who say that they are looking for a specific breed of dog and they never check rescues or shelters due to a stigma.

    • Iama Retiree

      NINE (9) comments on same subject !!! I think we all get the message – it is good to know that you are a passionate vounteer — so am I, (abused cats my specialty) however, I don’t get on a blog and try to run the show and treat folks as though they have no sense … People wanting a particular breed of animal seem to know where to go and do actually take animals from the shelter as well as rescue groups.

      • Libby

        I appreciate Becky’s attempts to educate everyone. Becky made NINE (9) comments because NINE (9) people said the same thing- they would foster/adopt those specific dogs from the Duplin raid. And Iama I could scold you for excesive use of punctuation!!!???

  • Diane Purcell

    Why is it so hard to make this a felony in our state? Charging these cretins with misdemeanors means NOTHING. We need to increase the penalty and call it what it is – FELONY ABUSE.

  • Sue Allen

    where is the shelter in Raleigh so we can come and look.I have been looking for a german shepherd from a shepherd but no luck

    • Becky Turner

      Try – many shelters and rescues post their dogs on there. You can find full-blooded ones if that is what you are looking for, based on age, location and gender.

  • Iama Retiree

    @ Libby – you need to get a life — I also appreciate Becky Turner’s efforts to educate people on using local shelters to get their animals – My comments were my opinion only — (not yours) — By the way, before you scold me on my excessive use of punctuation, perhaps you need to learn how to spell ….. Perhaps then you can be “Miss Critical Two Shoes” !!!!!!!!! (excessive enough for you ?????) R O F L M A O at you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a assa !

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