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Fatal accident closes US-311 in Archdale

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

White box van involved in fatal accident on US-311 in Archdale.

ARCHDALE, N.C. – A car accident Saturday morning near Lilly Flower Road left one woman dead and closed US-311 in Archdale.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Aleda Vernon was traveling southbound on US-311 when her vehicle crossed the center line into the path of a large box truck headed in the opposite direction.

Vernon’s vehicle struck the box truck and rebounded across the center line into the path of a white minivan heading in the same direction.

The white minivan hit Vernon’s vehicle and sent it into a ditch.

First responders said that Vernon was alive and pinned in the car when they arrived, but she later died at the scene.

Aleda Vernon was 59 years old.

The driver of the box truck and the occupants of the white minivan suffered minor injuries.

The investigation is ongoing.


      • Brianna

        Hey Mark,
        There are a lot of things that we can say ‘perhaps’ to in this, but it happened and there is nothing we can do to change that, but I would kindly like to ask you to not make snide remarks about my great aunt’s beliefs. It’s been rough enough without having to see this comment and then worry that one of my younger cousins will see the comment as well. It would break their hearts.
        Thank you to everyone else.

      • Frances

        Mark I have this to say to you…… My Aunt and our entire family are deeply religious and for you to say such a cold and callous remark is ignorant. Aleda was the true living, breathing, and amazingly commited woman who adored our God. I know she dancing in heaven as we grieve our deep loss. All things happen on GOD’S time. Not our own. It was simply put her time to walk those streets of gold. She was a woman that loved God day in and day out. And at leadt we KNOW where she is and that we woll again see her precious face. Can you say the same for when you go?

      • lisa

        I cant believe you are posting this comment!!!what is wrong with you??oh I know,PURE STUPID!!!you should have some respect and take your comment off!!!I guess we all know where you are going when its your turn!! She was a wonderful lady and loved Jesus and you need to find him before its to late!!

      • Allen

        Mark, DO you have a mom? If you do and your mom was in this car wreck would you say that comment? Guess what that was my mom and she loves God and I hope you see all of these comments on here and replies .. I love her and now she is gone ..

      • lesia

        Sounds like Mark Needs more prayers than this woman. She has her faith. Perhaps it was her time. But you are rude and inconsiderate. God bless this family and my thoughts and prayers are with this family. And to you Mark…. I hope God shows you what you are missing.

  • Eddie

    Yes Mark our God takes care of good with the bad and even let’s non believers share this earth with us!!! This was a terrible accident and she is with our God now without any pain and I’m quite positive she is there and I’m glad she left knowing there is a God And Jesus than leave here not believing in her heart of everlasting life!!!!

  • Frances

    And to everyone else thank you from the bottom of my heart. Prayers are greatly needed at this time as we go through these tough days ahead. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  • Mandy

    Aleda believed in God. She showed his love everyday…so even to the non-believers, she has prayed for you at some point in her life, whether you wanted it or not. She has told me many times she was ready to go when it was her time so she was at peace when she was called home. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs including Aleda and her family, so please let us grieve in peace instead of putting blame on God and questioning what we believe in. We would appreciate that.

  • Casey rowe

    Excuse me mark. But to be completely honest I don’t see what part of this you have the right to put your 2 cents in.. & you have no right to say anything about anyones god.. As long as we believe and know that she believed you can keep your remarks to your self.. Rest easy aunt aleda !

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