Woman dies after crashing car into Guilford Co. pond

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A woman has died after her car crashed into a pond early Friday morning in Guilford County near Kernersville.

The call came in around 1:24 a.m. from neighbors who saw the car submerged in the 12-foot deep pond.

The driver, Chelsey Herrington, 20, was pulled from the car and transported to Moses Cone Hospital, but efforts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful.

Officials say Herrington was in her car and submerged in the cold water for more than two hours. Crews made several attempts to pull her from the vehicle.

No one else was in the car with her.

Officials say Herrington was driving on Warner Road near Pearman Quarry Road, when her vehicle crossed the center line, ran into some trees and crashed into the pond.

Troopers say it appeared Herrington never hit the brakes before running off the road. Information on how fast she was going was not available.

The investigation is ongoing.


    • Geraldine

      @Michelle… Your comment is very insensitive. Did you ever consider the fact she may have fallen asleep at the wheel? Praying God will reach out and touch this family during this very tragic time.

      • Hatter

        Raven, even if the cold water had awaken her that doesn’t mean she was able to get out of the vehicle. People are so cruel and insensitive. I pray the poor girl did NOT wake up and have to suffer through the absolute terror of being trapped in a submerged car with no way out.

    • Sarah Rawls Foley

      maybe she had a medical incident that caused her to become unconscious (seizure, passed out, etc) or she fell asleep. There are several reasons other than drunk or suicide as to why she appeared to not hit the brakes.

    • lane herrington

      Chelsey was my grand daughter. The medical examiner found no trace of chemicals in her blood. She was happy going to school and working. The church was packed for her funeral.
      you r stupid ignorant and cruel.

      • RachH

        I am so sorry for your loss. I pray for comfort and peace for you and all of Chelsey’s family and friends.

    • Charles Canham

      Monika, Was this girl really into anime/pokemon, stuffed animals and zoo stuff? Was she, mostly quiet, fairly skinny with lots of long brown hair and had allergies???? I had a friend whom I lost contact with matching the given brief discription from the article and her car was very similar best I can remember…please respond. Thanks…

  • Becca

    Geraldine, you are right! I knew a physician that had a seizure while driving and crashed. He wasn’t found for hours. Never assume that alcohol or suicide was the reason. Praying for the family…

  • Zach

    If this isnt the first time this has happened, can we please get the owner of this land to fill in the pond. So it doesnt happen again.

    • Jethro Bodink

      That makes no sense Zack. If that is the case does that mean we have to cut down every tree someone has ever hit? Every power pole? Move every house? I am sorry this young woman lost her life. I am sure there are more people who die in motor vehicle to motor vehicle accidents then there are vehicles in water.

    • Raven Youngblood

      why would the land owner fill-in his pond??
      How about the state installing a guard-rail??
      How about people slow down on that section of the road//

      How about you stop posting such stupid comments??

  • Peggy Dramer

    Why did it take 2 hours to pull her from the car, if the call came in at 1:24? This is unacceptable!! I have known Chelsey for a very long time. She dated my son for 3 years. I watched her grow up into a bright young lady. This makes my heart heavy. She stole a piece of my heart, and will truly be missed.

    • Courtney A.

      @Peggy I don’t think you realize some facts here. its a 12 foot pond and the car was there for two hours. I’m a firefighter and i don’t appreciate you saying two hours is unacceptable. the car was probably already on its way down so the doors and windows had pressure on it which makes it hard to even get her out.

    • Charles Canham

      Peggy, Was this girl really into anime/pokemon, crane machines, stuffed animals and zoo stuff? Was she, mostly quiet, fairly skinny with lots of long brown hair and had allergies???? I had a friend whom I lost contact with matching the given brief discription from the article and her car was very similar best I can remember…please respond. Thanks…

  • Deacon

    It is disgusting how people jump to conclusions on the victim and emergency personnel actions. How about getting the facts before opening mouth and inserting foot?! A very tragic accident that took the life of someone’s daughter. Let’s be gentle and say kind words of support and love instead of being cruel and judgmental.

  • Peggy D

    @Courtney she was like a daughter to me when she was growing up and your right I dont understand. But I am emotionally involved since I loved and cared for Chelsey.

  • Stepho73

    Remember the term, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Community speculation as to what happened will not bring this young lady back to her family and friends, the family needs prayers and support, not side-talk, judging, or speculation, just love.

  • jeffwilkinsflyfishing

    majority of people on this page is wrong. Nearly. Chelsea dated my son for two and a half years. I and my family knew her well. Really appreciate the FOX 8 guy tweeting picture after picture so he could get the latest greatest coverage. Hope you feel really good about yourself. Nice work

  • Carlos Flores

    Prayers to her family, may she rest in peace.

    I used to know her, we used to be classmates during middle school,
    such a sad story to hear.

    • jeffwilkinsflyfishing

      It doesn’t take ten pictures…have some sense. Young people and their smartphones….and no sense. And yes I am an IT computer person who uses them as well…..not an idiot parent who knows nothing.

  • Lauren

    I knew Chelsey from work..this is so hard to believe. She was a great person and so many people will miss her. We love you Chelsey.

  • Betsy

    To her family and loved ones, I did not know your loved one but I so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  • Julie

    Chelsey has been my best friend since the third grade. She meant so much to me, she was like a sister to me. At the end of the day she is gone and the insensitivity in people makes me sick. You have no idea what went on that night and whatever did happen doesn’t matter, she is gone. Have some compassion and stop posting cruel, insensitive, hurtful things. She was a wonderful person and the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Keep your negativity to yourself.

  • lane herrington

    My heart is broken. Chelsey will be greatly missed.if every young person were like her this world would be a better place. I loved my grand daughter.
    any of us can fall asleep at the wheel. Pray for her family and drive safely.

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