Storm debris cleanup continues in Piedmont

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Residents and street crews in High Point and Greensboro plan up clearing a lot of debris from the ice storm earlier this month with highs in the mid-70s this Saturday.

"This weather has been great," said Chris Marriott, deputy director of Field Operations for Greensboro.

Marriott says city crews have been working 12-hour shifts since the storm that lasted from Dec. 6-7.

The warm, dry weather makes clearing limbs, branches and down trees go a lot faster, said Marriott.

"We're not dealing with the mud and muck," he said. “The trucks can get in and out much easier on dry roads."

Even with help from outside contractors, the city's only cleared about a quarter of the 8,000 tons of debris left over.

It’s a number they hope they can shrink this weekend.

The nice weather is also expected to draw a big crowd to the Ingleside Compost site in High Point.

"It's going to be wild and hectic," said Richard McMillan, assistant director of Public Services for High Point.

The site is extending their hours and hiring extra workers.

"We'll have people out guiding people in, helping with traffic, helping at the scales," McMillan said.

Besides city trucks, residents like William Hemphill who are doing it themselves are expected to flood the compost site.

"It just made more sense just to bring it here," Hemphill said. "Then the city doesn't have to mess with it."

Greensboro is waiving the curbside yard waste restrictions for all residents indefinitely.

Storm debris will be collected at the curb until further notice.