Portion of Salem Creek Greenway closed off

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Warmer weather has more people getting on the Salem Creek Greenway and finding a big detour.

The detour, put in place last month, has walkers, runners and cyclist using Salem Street and Rams Drive to bypass construction on Highway 52 at Vargrave Street.

"Bikers are used to riding the same trails all the time and I've seen some people come back and be actually mad," said cyclist and longtime greenway user Randy Clark. The detour has some worried about safety on Salem Street and Rams Drive.

To increase safety, city officials painted bike lanes and placed orange road barriers to help separate traffic from the greenway.

"It's better than not having a barrier and having cars right up next to you," said Raymond Theodosis who enjoys the greenway, but says the busy detour street isn't something he's taking his kids down. "I think it's a little rough just as far as trying to stay out of traffic. Maybe if it’s just one person riding it may be alright, but I got little guys and it's like herding a bunch of ducks."

City officials say the detour is expected to stay in place until construction is complete around August 2015.