Nice kid saves fan from meltdown after not getting baseball

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630212-b3f05e70-b0ce-11e3-bf6a-6ec13e402258An 8-year-old boy made international headlines on Friday after he saved a 7-year-old from a meltdown during a baseball game televised on ESPN.

The 7-year-old boy, Cooper Manning, was watching the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Team Australia on Thursday night when a Team Australia player attempted to toss him a baseball.

The ball fell short and it landed on the field.

630240-b48b8e0e-b0ce-11e3-bf6a-6ec13e402258A security guard then picked up the ball and handed it to 8-year-old Brendan (his last name was withheld from the report).

When the security guard handed Brendan the ball, Manning threw a tantrum. Brendan quickly realized the ball was initially intended for Cooper.

“My son has a lot of empathy, he just naturally handed the ball to the other kid,” Brendan’s father told “There’s a life lesson here, do the right thing and you’re better off as a result.”

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  • allboymom

    Hopefully the TEAM has another game ball they would reward Brendan with for being such a good sport!!! WAIT TO GO BRENDAN, HEART OF GOLD INSIDE THAT LITTLE BODY……

  • Valerie Beverly

    I think we can tell which are the better parents, one kid acting very poorly and the other being a little gentlemen. Take note Cooper’s parents

    • sally jane

      REALLY Valerie…….I think the guard is the one that started this to began with when he saw the ball was meant for Cooper he should have picked it up and given the ball to Cooper.I think that’s why he was sooooo upset.It doesn’t make his parents BAD for him being upset…PLEASE,OMGOSH~

  • Suzi

    The boy in the yellow shirt appeared to be developmentally challenged or autistic…I would assume that would be the reason for the child’s meltdown…We shouldn’t judge the kid or the parents without knowing the full facts….Except for boy #2, no matter WHAT the circumstances, he is phenomenal kid!!!

  • Chrissy R.

    I absolutely agree, Suzi. As soon as I saw his hand flapping, I recognized that he is most likely developmentally different. It’s a big indicator of a child with autism. There is a huge difference between a meltdown and a tantrum. Kudos to Brendan for being kind and generous! What an awesome kid!!

  • Matthew Kaiser

    Clearly the ball was thrown in the direction of the kid in the yellow shirt, and you can see fans trying to tell the guard to throw the ball to him, but the guard just gives it to some other kid. Autistic or not, the kid’s reaction was appropriate.

  • John

    The young man Brendan is an upstanding boy — the ball club ought to have given him a baseball signed by all the players. And, unless the other young man is developmentally challenged as has been suggested, that boy is a brat. If my girls ever thought about doing that they’d be in trouble.

  • Gingermom

    Cooper had the right to act the way he did! The ball was for him! Brennan should not have ran over and put his hands out after the ball fell. How greedy. I don’t think he was going to give it back until that lady told him to.

    • Heather

      No where in this article does it say Brendan put his hand out for that ball. The security guard made the mix up and that young man knew instantly it belonged to the other child. The hand you see pointing is trying to tell the security guard who the ball was intended for. Shame on you for trying to make a kind act look like a little boy was devious!

  • Eric smith

    Why do people have to be so ignorant. When something decent happens look at it as a blessing and stop putting your short sighted politcal views in because you have nothing of value to add. Be thankful you are where you are and respect others for who they are.

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