NC boy now allowed to carry his ‘My Little Pony’ backpack

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A 9-year-old boy will now be allowed to carry his “My Little Pony” backpack to school after Buncombe County school officials previously said he could not.

According to the Asheville Citizen-Times, Grayson Bruce was previously prevented from bringing the bag to Candler Elementary School because officials said it “triggered bullying.”

Officials changed their minds after a meeting with Grayson’s mother, Noreen.

The story has gone viral over the past several days, attracting the attention of national news outlets and more than 65,000 Facebook supporters rallying behind the #SupportforGrayson hashtag.

Buncombe County Schools administrators released a joint statement Thursday, saying they would work with Grayson to make “a safety transition plan and an allowance for Grayson to bring the bookbag to school.”

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  • Kim

    Ohhhh….. But I completely disagree with these “so called parents”.

    I am the mother of two girls, 10 and 6.

    I must way in, I totally, totally, totally disagree about the “My Little Pony Book Bag” He’s a Boy!!!!!

    Are you kidding me? You as a parent are sending this boy with a target on his . Why Would you really let your son carry a girl back pack?

    This is ridiculous. This boy has no right in my opinion to carry this “my little pony back pack”. I would not let my two girls go to school in boy clothes or a boy back pack. There are so many other choices.

    Of course he’s going to get picked on. That’s the reality we live in. There are so many other back packs, why a girl back pack for a boy? It most certainly is a trigger for bullying. I don’t agree with bullying at all.

    I don’t like the fact this kid got picked on, but I just don’t understand why……..

    You’re a boy, carry a boy back pack.

    • Jan

      Parents like you are the ones that create problems like this! It is a backpack…it isn’t a girls or boys backpack. I teach my children to like what they like no matter what others think.

    • Jules

      The parents didn’t “force” him to bring a “girl” backpack to school. It was his own personal choice because he likes the show and its message of friendship. Kids are gonna be bullies regardless of what happens.
      It’s a whole different story when the SCHOOL becomes the bully — disallowing his backpack because it’s “girly” and a “target?” I’m glad they took that decision back.
      You’re living in the past of strict gender roles. Please fast forward a few decades and get back to us.

    • tracy inman

      people like you are the reason stereotypes and gender roles are created. as a mother of 3 daughters my children play with, and are into WHATEVER THEY LIKE, not what society deems normal.

    • Homer

      It’s partially the parents’ fault, but not his. Even girls outgrow MLP. He will too. No need to even let him start going down that road. Very small boys don’t know the difference, so when they see something bright and shiny they are naturally attracted. You just gently guide him away from that until he forgets about it. Don’t even have to say it’s ‘girls only.’ If he likes horses, get him stuff with mustangs, cowboys, native Americans, etc. We have social norms that go along with our nature as men and women.

      That said, what’s worse is the bullying. The victim should never be blamed (though his parents set him up, which I see as cruel too). As one commenter said, the school should make the bullies wear something very embarrassing as punishment (not MLP though – that draws more attention to the victim).

    • lorriegoose

      Kim, I feel So Sorry for Your children. People like you are the reason these types if problems exist for our children.

  • Lisa Lambert

    So what he likes my little pony. My girls play with trucks. Do I not allow that. Kids are going to bully regardless. The lesson here is how you teach your child to deal with things in life.

  • Really????


    It is parents like YOU that makes kids pick on kids such as this child.

    Did you seriously just attack this kids choice of a BOOKBAG!!!!
    “You’re a boy, carry a boy back pack.”
    “He has no right….” REALLY??? WHY DOESN’T HE?????

    Well, you are a mother, act like one and realize not all boys will like boy things nor will all girls like girl things. It is called letting them make their own choices. This parent was doing just that and instead of the school fixing the issue WHICH IS BULLYING, they wanted to stop this kid from carrying a back pack WHICH HE HAS THAT CHOICE!!!!!

    • sinnerfrank

      Yes!! Really, the problem is the bullying going on !! The bullies still win if they can stop him from being himself !! He will learn to stand up for himself sooner or later !!

  • Clair

    So are the parents going to sue the school system if the kid gets bullied and attempts suicide like the kid over in Raleigh? He was bullied for liking My Little Pony.

  • russ

    Its just a bag let the kid carry it it doesn’t make him a target nor a whimp kids will be bullied no matter what i was bullied and I never took any girly things to school with me. Kids pick out kids and target them because they don’t like them not for what they carry and in this day its up to parents to teach their kids not to be bullies but to coexist and work through differences.

  • NobodyAtAll

    Kim, make sure that you and your girls never ever even think about slipping on a pair of blue jeans..They are original rugged workwear for cowboys and miners, not ladies..

  • Cherie L Shea


    “This boy has no right in my opinion to carry this “my little pony back pack”.” speaks volumes about you. Your words are spoken like that of a true bully yourself! Who are you to decide what is right or wrong for someone elses child? I feel sad for your daughters being brought up under the influence of your toxic closed mindset of what is deemed politically correct in allowing a male child to like something that designed to appeal to female children. Perhaps you might feel differently should one of your children ever become victims of bullying. I hope you are teaching your girls to accept differences in others whether you approve of “the difference” or not. Live and let live. This little boy hurt nobody by choosing this particular backpack. Certainly not you. It is birthright as an American to assert his individualism in any manner he chooses as long as it breaks no law.

  • Frank

    Imagine what kind of people are to actually contact a media outlet to draw attention to themselves and this embarrassing situation.

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