Woman accused of starting food fight at NC Golden Corral

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WILKESBORO, N.C. — A woman accused of starting a food fight at a Golden Corral restaurant in Wilkesboro on Tuesday afternoon has been arrested.

WITN reported that Polly Sue Richards, 64, of Wilkesboro, has been charged with two counts of assault and battery.

The suspect is accused of purposely bumping into a man at the salad bar, cursing at him, grabbing his shirt and shoving him against a wall.

The suspect also allegedly threw a plate, which hit a 62-year-old woman, causing a knot on her shin and knee.

The fight apparently started because a man went around the suspect in line to pay while she was getting a drink.

Richards was jailed under a $1,500 secured bond.

Source: WITN


  • dewey

    sounds like she dipped into some of Wilkes County’s finest ‘shine before she decided to get some grub

    • Overit4real

      Just like us ignorant ole hillbillies. When we aren’t practicing medicine, on the cutting edge of forensic science, and building Fortune 500 companies, we are wreaking havoc on civilized America. What a waste. Maybe we should take a few pointers from the more sophisticated northerners and city folks. I mean nothing as bad as this ever happens in their neighborhoods. Give me gangs and homeless people any day, but for gods sake not an altercation at the Golden Corral. Get over yourself.

  • David Hedgecock

    How do you know this was a Redneck? That’s an unfair characterazation. She might be Jewish? or an African- American or even a Chinese American? And why call her a hillbilly? That’s asanine and stupid. I see no pictures of the woman;;only a picture of the “Golden Corral” Get real. Why don’t ya’ll wait till you know a thing before you just start throwing insults against the wall.

  • NobodyAtAll

    And not just any Golden Corral, but a “NC” Golden Corral..They put that out there like it’s supposed to be unbelievable news..Like no no no! Not in NC.! In the first place, who the hell really cares? Now, how about some news?

  • Tricia

    CRAZY wonder what she does when someone passes on the road. I mean if she can’t handle being passed in the drink line I sure don’t want to pass her in traffic!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    I actually live in this town. What happened at the Golden Corral is completely ridiculous, foolish, and embarrasing! But just because a few people act this way does not mean everyone does. I happen to be a classy, intelligent woman. I was actually born in Bradford PA and raised by my mother who grew up in Pennsylvania and my father who was raised in NJ. We moved here when I was 3 so even though I was raised by northern parents I grew up with southern people and as I was doing so I gained a southern personality. I am 35 years old now and have traveled and visited 26 states. I have met a lot of really cool people in my travels and have seen all kinds of crazy things. One thing I have learned in my experiences is that you cannot judge a whole society based on what you have heard or seen just a few people do. This is a huge world with all different types of people. Every single person is different in some very small type of way but most people are genuinely good people. Everyone needs to chill out on putting each other down for the small differences between themselves and another and start trying to build one another up. This country is falling apart and instead of taking the time to open our eyes and see what we can do to come together as a whole and fix it, we are too busy getting on social networks to see what we can laugh at today or who we can make fun of and hurt. Those of you who are on here posting foolish things about one another are no better than the lady at my homeowner’s Golden Corral. Grow up!

  • Randy Jessup

    I am born and bred form NC with in an hours drive of this town. My family is from Mt AIry. my wifes family is from Murphy. I have a bachelors degree. My three children are in college we are proud of our mountain heritage and we enjoy our lives in NC. We attend the opera and the symphony, We watch ballet and theater events attending film festivals and entertain in quite a sophisticated manner at times. On the other hand we enjoy a good barbeque plate and can through down at a pig picking. Make fun of us at your peril we are hill people and we are survivors. I can hunt and raise my own food I have killed hogs and birthed babies. I can sew clothes and design furniture. I can work on a car and rebuild an engine. I have built the last three computers I have owned and built the kitchen island that I eat my meals on. Your feeble attempt to make fun of my people amuses me to no end because I know quite frankly I would own you in a week if we where to wind up on the same deserted island.

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