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Movement to limit deportation gaining steam

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For decades now, Americans have been struggling with what to do about immigrants who are here illegally.

But there is a movement gaining steam to try to put pressure on the Obama administration to stop deporting so many people.

The president recently signed an order saying the government will concentrate only on deporting people who commit crimes.

In this edition of the Buckley Report, see how a local family sees that as an opportunity to highlight their situation.


  • Richard Nance

    What Movement, I haven’t heard of any movement NOT to Deport Illegal Criminals back to wherever they come from, I thought Criminal meant Law Breaker so Why don’t the Odumber Adm enforce the laws Plus I don’t believe this Liberal Garbage about a Movement anyway unless its perpetrated by the Illegals & the Dimocrats & only because the Dims want them to vote for them & they will Lie, cheat & knife their own mother to get votes anyway they can, its all about the democrats & their pocketbook to keep on stealing Money from the Taxpayers, pure & simple….

  • MelodyS

    They want the Obama administration to stop deporting so many people. I don’t see them deporting any. The government will concentrate only on deporting people who commit crimes. Well, isn’t being here illegally a crime. They have it made here. Free Medicaid, food stamps, free housing. Then you have a family of 10 living in one house. Go to any area mall on the weekends. They walk around in their fancy clothes, fancy cowboy boots or high heel shoes and driving their nice cars. While listening to that awful music as loud as it will play. Yeah we need more of them over here…

  • dobydog1

    I noticed their signs are in spanish – so much for wanting to be Americans. If the family is here illegally why isn’t the entire family being deported?


    If the Admin is only “deporting people who commit crimes”, then they should ALL be deported because the first crime they committed was entering the country illegally!


    if they want to come here for a better life then stop making us conform to their language and beliefs. send the mother fu#$%^s back to where they came from. after a king size fine to pay for our troubles.

  • jen

    funny how you state that they need food stamp and all the other assistance, but when im at the grocery store all i see is other race using the ebt cards, and yes we might have fancy cars and what not, but here is the thing, we work very hrad for our money, and not depend on you ppl, i havent see a hispanic person on the st’s to this day asking for money, yet greensboro is full of white man and woman asking for money. work is everywhere, the simple fact that hispanics do certain work the americans dont want to do, just makes us better bc we look for any alternative to bring money home in a decent matter, HAVE A BLESSED DAY>

    • dobydog1

      you mean the people in front of me at walmart using ebt cards and speaking spanish are not hispanic? the garbage about illegals doing jobs americans will not is a huge lie. americans always did these jobs before illgals came here and stole the jobs by working them for less by being paid cash under the table. if we would enforce the fines for hiring illegals you would be surprised at how fast there would be americans taking thse jobs.

    • HispanicG

      Good one jen but lets not forget that they fill there mouth too talk about illegals just like they fill there pockets with those unclaim taxes from all those hard honest working people that the fact that they dont have a # like a farm animal to identify makes them different please people when you want too stay your opinion which you are entitle too just do a simple research and have look around first and dont forget all these people are only hispanics!! MAYBE YOU THINK ABOUT THIS ON YOUR WAY TOO EAT AT A HISPANIC RESTAURANT!

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