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Forsyth Co. man accused of abusing 5-week-old infant

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Edwin Douglas Allen, 22, of Walkertown

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — A Forsyth County man has been charged with child abuse after deputies said he caused serious injuries to his 5-week-old infant.

Edwin Douglas Allen, 22, of Walkertown, faces two counts of felony child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury.

Forsyth County deputies said they were called to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on Feb. 17 in reference to an abused male infant.

Deputies said the child arrived at Brenner’s Emergency Department by ambulance after an emergency referral from the child’s pediatric physician.

Medical evaluations of the infant determined he had serious injuries including multiple fractures, bleeding on and within the brain, respiratory distress and other injuries, according to deputies.

Officials said the infant remains hospitalized and the Department of Social Services has assumed emergency custody of the infant. Parental contact has been restricted.

The suspect has been placed in the Forsyth County Jail under a $1 million bond.


  • CIAA Alum

    If the child survives, I would love to have him, as it’s obvious his present environment is incapable of appreciating the preciousness of his life. Adults are supposed to nurture and educate; the adults in this child’s life failed him miserably and should be held fully accountable for this child’s present state. As for the biped (I cannot classify him as a man or as a human) that damaged this child, he should be placed in the street to be stoned for an hour, once a day, for each injury he inflicted upon this child. If he dies from the stoning, good riddence!

    • Tam

      Its not parents. It would be parent. Leave out the s. The mother is innocent of this crime so his environment with her is good. She loves him with all she has and she is a great mom. Who knew one had to worry about leaving your son with his own father

  • topkatnc

    It takes a sorry low life of a human being to injure a infant .. It makes you wonder if his parents were animals .

  • dewey

    no trial needed….that baby didn’t have “due process” so this rotten POS doesn’t deserve it….I suggest breaking him at the wheel

  • Moses

    how terrible; what in the world is wrong with these people?? probably had all day off; on welfare, foodstamps, unemployment, etc etc; free obama cell phone and everything else he needs to be free to hurt people

    • henry

      thats all he can beat up! he probaly got a little tired of that baby crying for food. maybe a diaper change. sorry no good mf.. i hope he hangs himself.

  • Kennith Thomas

    Ca-ching… With a brain damaged child the mother goes from a welfare recieptent to a care taker. Guberment pays more for that. Mo money Mo money.

  • Shandi Grainger Foster

    I do not know these people or their situation. Just speaking as a mother, I couldn’t imagine seeing my baby in the hospital suffering from such abuse. I hope for the best for this child, his mother, and his loved ones.

  • KW1980

    I am appalled at some of the blatantly racist, horrifying comments on here! Seriously? “Guberment”? You have no idea who this person is or what the situation was. I am by no means condoning his actions, but this baby and his remaining family needs sympathy, love, and care, not flagrant politically charged b.s. comments and messages. You are horrible people, and I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves.

  • MarineDad

    My Thoughts and Prayers to the child and Family. such a sad story. Hope he goes to prison this Animal will get his achievement “Reward” there.

  • K. Lee

    All of us commenting including her mother do not know what really goes on inside of anyone else home. I’m speaking as a mother and also a daughter. As a parent I know my children do not tell me everything especially when it’s not to their advantage. As a daughter I can even say I didnt tell my parents eveything I even as a grown woman in my own home. So with that being said just because Edwin is being charged doesnt mean he is the only guilty party. So everyone should take the time look at your own children and make sure the life they are telling you about is the actual life they’re living. If you know Edwin then you know he is not this type of guy…

    • Umm No

      Umm. Edwin not this type of guy? Well then tell that to the families that he left homeless when he decided to burn their homes down. he went around his own neighborhood breaking into and then burning down homes.And maybe if Sheriff’s Department would have done their jobs and got the arsonist of the streets then maybe that poor baby would have never been harmed.

    • comeonnow

      How can a five week old baby tell you anything. Your not the brightest bulb in the box are you? A MONKEY will be a MONKEY plain and simple. He belongs in a cage if you dont like it go with him. You are no better than he is if you think for one second of trying to defend this YARDAPE

  • gena byrd

    Where was this poor baby’s mother when this piece of trash was abusing this precious baby??? I would lay down & die before allowing some monster to put his hands on my child! I will be praying for this poor baby, & hoping that he comes out of this in good health & finds a good family.

    • wow

      Where was his mother? A world where you can’t leave a child with his father is not a world I want to live in. All of you read half the story and truly know absolutely nothing about what’s going on. Ignorance is bliss, you all must be extremely happy.

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  • smdh

    The child’s mother was working from what I understand and left her child with his father… I pray God is so quick to judge ya’ll as u all are to judge her

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