Funeral home switches caskets at last minute during child’s funeral

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MIAMI -- A Florida family said they’re upset after a funeral home stopped their baby’s funeral after mixing up his casket.

Family members said it happened as they gathered around the gravesite and placed flowers at the marker. They said they had just watched the casket lower into the ground.

After that, the family says officials from Elijah Bell funeral home stopped the service to switch caskets.

The funeral director reportedly had to tell the grieving family the baby they thought they buried wasn't in the casket.

The family’s infant boy, Netfa Jabari Malcolm, Jr., died March 2, just two weeks after he was born premature.

Relatives said they caught workers on camera carrying a white casket in what appeared to be covered with a pink blanket for a baby girl's funeral.

Family members said that the funeral home staff then wanted to open the casket to verify the body.

The family said the funeral home then asked if they wanted another service once the mistake was discovered.

Elijah Bell, the owner of the funeral home, declined to comment on the situation.

The family said they are speaking with an attorney to explore legal options.


      • FaithC

        Once again this is not my comment. It seems that henry, sucko or whatever he is calling himself this time likes to post under my name. Sad, sad, lonely man. He needs to get help.

      • The dork

        Faith stop blaming others because you’re obviously a sick individual yourself. You have guilt written all over your face.

      • Suzanne Marie Westlaker

        Hilarious? are you seriously saying something that cold for such a sad time in these peoples lives? Your heartless. Sure the funeral home offered them another service, but why? I wouldnt want to sit and grieve all over again for words that were just spoken for my child, that is like taking a knife and sticking it just a little deeper. That funeral home screwed up and should be held accountable for the stress it caused this family, I would have been mortified. Makes you wonder how many other funerals they had the wrong body and if peoples loved ones are not where they think they are. Its easy to switch out a casket baby sized, not so easy to do the same for a full sized adult casket, makes you stop and think and If I had dealt with them for my loved ones then this happened I would wonder if that was truly my loved one in the grave I had them buried.

  • carthos walker

    Why is the first they bring up is an attorney? I would be mourning the loss. How shallow are people today?

    • Get Real

      Yea, because if your they did this at your child’s funeral you would not call a lawyer.

      Funeral cost are outrageous, and they should get what they paid for.

  • Elaine

    Faith, have you ever lost a child, since you seem to find this funny, maybe your time will come then you will see how funny it is

    • mother of a angel

      I agree Elaine I have lost a child and I would have flipped on them. I understand we are all human and make mistakes but when you have suffered the loss of your child and then have to suffer through this….

    • FaithC

      Elaine – Are you really so stupid as to think I would post that? Half the comments here posted under my name are not from me. I have a very sad and lonely stalker who is so consumed with me that he posts under my name and then posts comments to it under another.
      Or is it you? …and shame on you to hope something happens to someone’s child. How sick of a person are you?

      • nurse one

        First of all, my prayers to the family. I cannot imagine their pain. None of us know how we would react in their situation, that is unless you have been there. Secondly, I could post very absurd comments using any of your names. Think intelligently before the venom spews.

  • Donny O.

    No lawyer would be needed, I would just take the lost and not charge the family, because the way I see it we never performed a funeral service if the right person
    wasn’t there

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