Sleet, freezing rain falling across Piedmont; roads slick

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A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the Triad until Tuesday at 12 p.m.

Here's the latest from Van Denton:

Good and Bad News:

The bad first....we have noticed more sleet in parts of the Triad. That is bad for roads as the ice can build up faster than it can melt on the road surface. (below the roads temps are above 40° and that kept the rain from freezing on the roads earlier...but sleet is a different story).

The good news.....the longer you get sleet the less ice buildup on trees. Sleet does not attach to the trees.

There is still a chance some areas could see some snow mix in too. Best chance for this is north and west.

Most of us will see 1/4-1/2 inch of sleet and 1/10 to 1/4 inch of freezing rain.

All areas should taper off to mist and drizzle overnight. We expect to climb back to 32 around 11am and into the upper 30s by late afternoon.

Be careful out there.


  • Anon

    Worried about another major storm. Last time they completely under-predicted it and it was the worst in 12 years. Based on what I’m seeing elsewhere they are being too conservative again. Just tell us the real story so we can be prepared.

  • Thad

    These nitwits are naive. With over 8 hours of freezing rain possible, how could not be anything but another major storm??

  • Vickie

    Never again trust the forecast of these incompetent buffoons. This ice “glaze” will in reality be another .25 -.50 inch disaster.

  • David Hedgecock

    I agree, why should we believe you this time ‘MY Fox 8″? after you really blew the last storm. And now with the conditions almost the same, why should we expect a different result? This time the rule;;; Is ‘Prepare for the Worst;;because we’re very likely going to get it. Seems like an identical situation;;;as before. They haven’t explained sufficiently why they were so wrong before. I’d like to see these elite clowns eat some ‘crow ‘ on the air and ‘fess up;;; and say folks we know you’re mad, cause we didn’t see it coming. ;;;but it’s tough this forecasting business.” Or maybe, ‘Well, you know Triad, this is the very worst place in the whole USA to predict the weather with any hope of accuracy.and I sure will be glad when I get transferred cause this is ‘weather hell’ right here in the ‘Triad” . I deserve better than this after being at the top of my class in Meterology school. Wa, Wa Wa! Cry me river, why don’t you? It’s pathetic! When are the grown-ups going to show up at this Website?

      • Fishburn

        The last event (March 7) the afternoon crew said, “it won’t be anything…just a light glaze.” Yesterday the same dingbat said “this will be a thin glaze…no worry any power outages.”

  • Nathan

    You bunch of cry babies. Meteorology is not an exact science. Currents ebb and flow. We have a massive mountain range to our west. Of ALL the local Stations, Fox 8 has the most accurate forecast on the most consistent basis. Did they screw up March 6? Sure they did. Just like they screwed up the big ice fiasco of 2003. But you know what. . .Every forecaster in the area screwed i them up.
    Buncha pisandmoan babies. Why don’t y’all move to florida or somewhere where the forecasts are so much more predictable.
    If you’re an adult and have lived here any length of time, you should know the local conditions and how they affect the forecast. storms from the west are almost always 12 – 24 hours later than predicted on the tele. so you have to judge the moisture for the temperatures at the time they arrive. In twelve hourse you can easily see a 15 degree difference. storms get hung up in the mountains. Many storms from the southwest miss up completely because those same mountains push the storm around our northwest side. Listen to the forecast, look at the radar, and make your own decision an how prepared you need to be. But please, quit your bad mouthing and crying.

  • Eric Chill-Ton

    No matter how many touchy FOX 8 weather groupies come out of the woodwork to defends them, these forecasters are arrogant, incompetent buffoons.

    A novice can see what mess is on the way in this storm, even if FOX 8 cannot. Be prepared!

    • Al Anon

      Agree. This one FOX 8 dingbat was joking that “you won’t need many loaves of bread for this’s just a little glaze,” on March 6, the day before 450k lost power from half an inch of ice.

    • CJ

      I think you are aweful for saying what you did but especially using Eric Chiltons name whether it be correct or similar. If you are Eric Chilton shame on you. Your guess of what it is going to do is no better than Fox 8s.

      • Al Anon

        Beginning March 7, 450k lost power for nearly a week, and the FOX 8 weather gang was laughing it up over buying bread (“it won’t be anything…just a slight glaze”) on the afternoon on March 6. These inconsiderate and arrogant clowns never admit how wrong they so often are, or how much of their forecast is pure guessing and wild speculation—though they boast of “keeping you safe.”

    • Weather Bimbo

      Yes, it has to be the “real” Eric Chilton posting under a thin disguise. He probably spends hours on here spying just to see how far he can get under your skin. LOL.

  • Al Anon

    Get it right folks. FOX 8 definitions:

    “Light glaze” = .5 inch ice, 400k without power

    But there is good news on the way. No school for the rest of the week! And, we get to see all of those cool out-of-state power trucks!

  • MyName

    We are definitely only getting about a tenth of an inch or less of ice. Isolated pockets of a little more. I believe fox8 more this time.

  • Diaz

    Listening to all everyone who has something negative to say!! The weather men and women are not God!! Thank God that’s all we get !!! We could have been worst off. I don’t like the power being off, or trees falling down. But let God do what he does, and be thankful.I am very grateful

    • Mendes-Rey

      Your optimism is admirable. We should take this opportunity to see what the future is for this country. With an unreliable 19th century power grid, frequently violent and destructive weather every few weeks, the US will be some sort of crippled, second-world country by the end of the century. This is only a sample of what is tho come.

  • jemthree

    To almost every one that posted…I guess you guys NEVER mess up? I mean, ALL of you have degrees in your field? If not, at least very trained in what you you do? So, NONE of you EVER got it wrong? These guys are looking at several different computer models and calculating our area..many factors are involved…give them a break.

    • Al Anon

      Sure people mess up, then they apologize and take measures to avoid the same mistake twice. These meteorologists do neither.

    • Fishburn

      And they have messed up yet again. This ice is a lot thicker than the “light glaze” they predicted earlier this evening. Two storms badly missed by these clowns. Utterly incompetent.

  • BarGuy

    it’s not coming…too warm, conditions aren’t correct. Prepare for a metric ton of straight rain. I’m calling it now

  • BarGuy

    hahaha told ya! you idiots are already changing it again. Meteorology…the easiest job on the plantet, come to work take some guesses and head on home! Be glad when the warm weather gets here so you can just say hot or cold…even a blind squirrell gets a nut every now and again!

  • (Jesus H. Christ)

    Fox* has a new weather tool in it’s Arsenal of Forecasting options. “The Weather Rock”

    If the rock is wet, it’s raining.
    If the rock is swinging, the wind is blowing.
    If the rock casts a shadow, the sun is shining.
    If the rock does not cast a shadow and is not wet, the sky is cloudy.
    If the rock is not visible, it is foggy.
    If the rock is white, it is snowing.
    If the rock is coated with ice, there is a frost.
    If the ice is thick, it’s a heavy frost.
    If the rock is bouncing, there is an earthquake.
    If the rock is under water, there is a flood.
    If the rock is warm, it is sunny.
    If the rock is missing, there was a tornado.
    If the rock is wet and swinging violently, there is a hurricane.
    If the rock has white splats on it, watch out for birds.

  • Someone

    Look out your window. It’s cold. It’s rainy. It might freeze. If you need a meteorologist to hold your hand through that, then maybe it’s not the meteorologist who needs to go back to school.

    • Al Anon

      Closing early? You mean they actually opened at all? Usually schools close at the mere idea there might be a chance of a storm.

  • Devonna McLaurin

    Thank you Fox 8 for always being there with your most accurate weather report pulled from your models you review. I know God is in control the weather, thus I know he can forecast through you. Why would I not trust or believe in you? Again, thank you!

  • Deb Fulk


  • Al Anon

    It’s below freezing, with multiple hours of rain ahead into Tuesday afternoon with the yet another “extended” advisory (maybe it will end in April). You do not need a “model” to see that this will result badly in thick icing and power outages. These arrogant meteorologists do not know the words, “we do not know what the flip we are talking about.”

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