Four people shot, one critically injured in Greensboro

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2216 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police are searching for a man who apparently shot four people early Sunday morning.

Police responded to 2216 Martin Luther King Dr. around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

According to police, four victims were transported to local hospitals for treatment. Three of the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries, but one victim suffered serious injuries and is listed in critical condition.

No other information provided.

A Google search reveals Magic’s Gentlemen’s Club is located at 2216 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

In July 2013 Greensboro Police investigated an armed robbery and carjacking at the same address.


    • Thomas

      Sadly, GSO was listed just 25 years ago as “one of the most liveable cities in America”; that was before two decades of liberal administration took over and kicked in.

      • Ken

        I lived in Greensboro from 1972 to 2007 and it is almost always been democrat led so your comment is short sighted here. If you are going to blame them for the last 20 years then you must have liked the years prior to it, which were led by the same party of people. Think about it.

      • Joe

        Ken, trying to defend this city makes you sound uninformed. Although Thomas never mentioned anything about a Democrat, you were quick to label all Democrats as being liberal. This city has more corruption than most cties it’s size, What other city throws tax payers money around without contracts and with absolutely no accountability?

  • carthos walker

    There were moderate as well as conservative democrats back then , I agree with you Thomas instead of the city beefing up the police department they waste money. On what? A civil rights museum commemorating a fairly insignificant event, downtown festivals that aremagnets for thugs , and meals for children who’s parents have already been paid to feed them. Yes justifiably one can say that Greensboro is in the grasp of liberals.

  • Mark A.

    In actuality, if you look at the violent crime statistics for the City of Greensboro, you’ll notice that violent crime is among the lowest since 1976. Even the raw data shows no significant increase in violent crime over this period. (See I personally feel that we, as a society, are swayed too easily because of instant access to media via the internet. It just appears that there is more crime because every news story is instantly available, and we are bombarded with it non-stop. I think we should all learn to “get the facts” before we allow ourselves to be swayed one way or another. We’ll all be better off if we do. At least I know I “feel” better when I do!

    • carthos walker

      Statisticsare the biggestliars when you don’t consider all of the factorssincethen they have changed the definitions of a ‘ violent crime” .

  • Renee Erwin

    We are talking about a strip club on MLK Dr….it’s not political it’s what happens on streets called MLK Dr and at strip clubs.

  • Cripes_A_Mighty

    Drove down High Point Rd. yesterday to pickup some takeout food at Tide’s Inn and it just disgusts me how ghetto looking the area between Groomtown Rd. and the Coliseum has become. Each time I travel this road, I feel like a victim in waiting. Guess that is what happens when a certain segment of the population takes over an area.

  • Axekick

    With all the white crime aka (Child molesters) that goes on look like you good white folks would focus on the problems in your hood! I have lived in Greensboro for over 45 years and have never had any problem and never been a victim of violence!

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Honestly Greensboro is an awesome place to live!My property value hasn’t taken off like my wife and I thought it would but our sons love there school. People down here have to understand that police presence in large cities (1 million plus)is a double edge sword. Greensboro is a small city with big city ,amenities. Move to Washington DC, and talk about one shooting per month

  • Get Real

    It’s a low class strip club in a bad area of town. If you put a bar/strip club in a bad area this will eventually happen.

    Whether is it the projects or a trailer park. Bad things tend to happen to people with no goals in life.

  • carthos walker

    Statistically minorities have as higher rate of child molesters and the reason the violent crime rate has because they changed the definitions of what violent crimes are.

    • Axekick

      Statisticsare the biggestliars when you don’t consider all of the factorssincethen they have changed the definitions of a ‘ violent crime” .

  • mopps

    Peolpe commenting are laughable. A bad news item and “oh what is the world (or Greensboro) coming to?” type comments. 20 years ago you didnt know 1% of all the bad news we do now because of the internet.

  • "Sweep your own doorstep"

    Mops is very wise and insiteful!!
    The crime was there it just was not as prevelant as it is today because of our access to the internet.

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