Greensboro company prints ACC Championship T-shirts

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – A Greensboro printing company is behind the deal to print T-shirts for the ACC Tournament Championship.

Stitches to Ink co-owner Greg Wilkinson said the deal came from working with their long term business partners Hanes Brand.

"I think that's a big key to the whole thing is using a local business, because Hanes is based out of Winston Salem,” Wilkinson said. “They're a local company and I think the business relationship we have through them helps.”

Wilkinson said the business first printed shirts for the ACC Baseball Championship last spring and was told if all went well they would be contracted again.

Stitches and Ink printed about 600 shirts for the ACC Women's Basketball championship last week and will print 2,000 for the Men's Tournament.

Wilkinson said although the deal is not his largest order, it is one of their largest clients and an honor.

"As an owner it fills me with a lot of pride and it just goes to show you what hard work can do," Wilkinson said.

About six employees will work together to print and package the shirts, ready to ship out Sunday at 10 a.m.

Both Duke University and University of Virginia Championship shirts were printed. Wilkinson said it’s up to Hanes and Champion on what will happen to the losing team shirts.


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