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Steve Smith signs with Baltimore Ravens

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Steve Smith

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Former Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has signed with the Baltimore Ravens, ESPN reports.

A source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter Smith and the Ravens have reached a three-year deal.

Smith played for the Panthers for 13 seasons.

Smith had a message for his new team and a threat for his old team while speaking to WFNZ Thursday morning prior to signing with the Ravens.

Speaking to whichever team signed him, Smith said, “They’re going to get the best, in-shape 35-year old guy that they can get. And if that happens to run through Bank of America Stadium, put your goggles on because there is going to be blood and guts everywhere.”

Sources: ESPN | WFNZ



    Good luck smitty we will miss u. Somewhere somthing went wrong within the personal.idk what but somthing happend.

    • SAL

      Spoken like a true thug! Steve Smith is a washed up mediocre player. He ran is mouth more than he played. He won’t even get the chance to come back to Carolina because he will probably get hurt in training camp and be out for the season. The best thing Carolina can do is move on and clean out a few more over- paid do-nothings.

      • angie cobbler

        Sal, you obviously never watch football or Steve Smith, he could talk trash but he could back it up, he is ranked 16th in the nfl WITH all the sorry quarterbacks we have had through the years, Cam is good but he has only been in Carolina 4 years, with that being said, that so called mediocre player you are talking about was the best receiver on that team, PERIOD

  • James

    Well….. I guess Baltimore will be a bunch of losers this year. They got the worst receiver of all time. What a bunch of idiots to sign that loser! Good for panthers though. Maybe the mediocre qb can now show off even more. All bs aside, panthers did the right thing. Smith is a loser and has and will always be a LOSER!

    • James is a crybaby

      HAHA…your grilfriend,or boyfriend must LOVE them some Steve Smith…lol. You sound bitter. The only LOSER here is you sitting at home watching him play ANOTHER 3 years…haha. GO SMITH!!! Even if you not a panther anymore…best of lucky bro.

  • David Hedgecock

    This is not a good Omen for the Panthers future. He was an inspirational player and made the other players better. He was always positive and I think the Panthers will live to regret this move;;and their puny efforts to keep him and have him retire in Charlotte. Wouldn’t it be sad, if Smith ends up burning the Panthers and ending their hopes for next season. We’ll see. But look what happened to Denver when they booted Tebow;;after he got’em in the playoffs. Denver will go down as the biggest loser in the most embarassing performance ever in the Superbowl. Watch out!

    • SAL

      Angie, he is a mediocre player period! Being the so called best on the Panthers is NOT an accomplishment. You people are too emotionally attached to players. The NFL is about WINNING. And most of you Carolina fans were ready to hang the coach early on. And the WOW, as soon as they start to win the same fans want to praise him on how well he did, winning the coach of the year was a joke. Fact is the Panthers have been no good for a long time now, this year you won a few games and you think you are good. The Panthers will never be good when they continue to spend big money on players like Cam Newton etc.!

      • James is a crybaby

        Hey SAL…WHO is your team?? You talk sooo much chit about the panthers and Smith..WHO does the mighty know-it-all SAL like?

  • James

    He won’t have 500 yds. Rec. next year. I bet he doesn’t make all 3 years. And my wife thinks the panthers are pussy cats.

  • James

    I’m not bitter. I just know a piece of s&!7 when I see one. Lets see your picture. Ha ha. I could probably even smell you.

    • SAL

      For those of you who are wondering I am a 49ers fan and always was. I didn’t complain when Joe Montana was released and when Jerry Rice left, I just accepted it! I didn’t even cry when the almighty Panthers beat them.

      You Panther fans cannot accept that he is DONE! He really did nothing for the team anyway. As for him being 16th in the NFL he is actually 19th do they even keep stats for someone that low on the food chain?

      As for me being an IDIOT, if you cannot come up with something more that name calling then keep your mouth shut!

  • Max R. Pardon

    Nothing else or nevermore?
    View of comments would seem to be nothing else but a panthers
    now a ravens
    hard to be poetic
    about the deal that ended nevermore.
    Hay Neverlifers nothing else

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