Mom builds graveside sandbox so young son can play with brother

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Tucker playing in the sandbox by his deceased brother's grave. (Courtesy: Sawyer's Heart Facebook page)

Tucker playing in the sandbox by his deceased brother's grave. (Courtesy: Sawyer's Heart Facebook page)

Tucker playing in the sandbox by his deceased brother’s grave. (Courtesy: Sawyer’s Heart Facebook page)

A mom’s tribute to her deceased 5-day-old son Ryan is capturing the hearts of people all across the Internet, People reported.

Ashlee Hammac, 24, said she had initially planned to decorate the grave site with glass pebbles, but instead decided she needed to do something to allow her oldest son, 3-year-old Tucker, to mourn as well.

Hammac added a sandbox beside of Ryan’s grave so Tucker could be able to share his toys with his brother.

Hammac shared a photo of the gravesite on a Facebook page for bereaved parents and the photo quickly went viral, receiving over 174,000 likes since March 6.

After his death, Ryan’s heart was donated to save the life of another baby and Hammac said, while she was overcome with grief, she was comforted by that.

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  • Cynthia Collins

    Amazing. Tucker and Ryan are my grandchildren. I had no idea when I shared this photo with Sawyer’s Heart it would have such an impact. I hope people can see what a loving thing she has done. Please visit to learn more about Ashlee and Ryan.

  • April Casper

    I cried my heart out when I read this story. I was 9 mths. Pregnant
    When i found out my first born son passed away and had induced
    Labor. My son didnt have a chance to breathe and he was healthy
    But had a knot in his embilical cord that cause his death. He was
    A full term healthy baby boy according to the altopsy. My first born. February 10, 1994 . He would be 20 today and I still grieve as though it happened just yesterday :0(. I dont know how it feels to lose a child after they been alive, I am sure it is quit worse, but I do know how it feels as a mother to lose a baby and it feels like yout heart is ripped out of your chest even still after 20 yrs. I always wonder what my son would of been like if he had a chance to live. My heart goes so out to this mother and her husband and son. Rest in peace little angel and may God Bless your soul. God Bless Ryans family and pray God puts some peace in their hearts to carry on. I have two beautiful daughters now and I am thankful God gave me two more chances and gifts. God Bless

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