Man accused of biting off infant son’s nose

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. — A man was charged Thursday after police say he bit off part of his infant son’s nose when the boy wouldn’t stop crying.

Police responded to a home in Fairfield after they received a hysterical call from a woman who said her 1-month-old son was bleeding profusely from his nose.

The baby was taken to the hospital where doctors said infant’s nose had been severed and the child had suffered possible head trauma.

Joshua Cooper

Joshua Cooper

Doctors later said the child suffered from a skull fracture, a brain hemorrhage and one third of the child’s nose had been severed off. The child is in stable condition.

The infant’s 17-year-old mother, 18-year-old father and other family members were present at the time of the incident.

The investigation determined that the infant’s father had bitten the child’s nose off out of frustration and crying from the baby.

The father, Joshua Cooper, 18, was arrested and charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.

Source: KTVU


  • Richard Nance

    Just Hang him Now because He will always be a Threat to Somebody for the rest of his Life, if he’s this Mean & will bite Off his Own Son’s Nose then he needs to be “Put-Down” soon as possible…..

      • stefex

        Screw that noise….richard is right. he needs to be put down n made sure he don’t kill this poor child later….or hurts someone else

    • YaYas toi

      If that’s the case a lot of other ones should be put in the middle of a range while others are target practicing. People don’t know how to treat other people or animals this day and time. Some people in the world to day are just cruel. Just like your statement is. Yes everybody has a right to their own opinion and No I’m not saying what he did is right.

  • FaithC

    If a dog did this they would euthanize the dog, so I say do the same to him!
    Anyone who can do such a thing will NEVER be a productive member of society.


    they not only need to take the father but the rest of the family that was present when this happened. It does say they were there when it happened. i just hpoe that the baby can find a SAFE relative to be WITH. remindes me of mike tyson.

  • Ashley

    what is wrong with people today? i just dont understand how someone can hurt a poor innocent child….if i was that babys mom that man would never see my child again!!!!

  • lisa

    I am so sick of seeing stories like this where children are involved and basically the perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist. This sickens me.

    • Adam Z.

      Who said he’s getting a slap on the wrist? “Aggravated mayhem” aside, I’m pretty sure “child cruelty” is a felony.

      • Mark

        What the hell is aggravated mayhem, anyway? I think he should have more than one charge, but is this the best they can come up with?

      • Adam Z.

        @ nurse one: No. Maybe you’re new to America, but the person found with a joint in their pocket will *NOT* get much worse. Aggravated mayhem is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for life with the possibility of parole. We don’t hand out worse punishments than that for merely being caught with a joint in one’s pocket. Get real.

  • shonna

    He needs more than child cruelty. He needs attempted murder. You can’t breathe without a proper nose. My child has nasal passages too small and has a tracheotomy BC she can’t breathe through her nose. And she still suffers whenever she gets a cold. And still goes on oxygen. Without the trach she was brought home to die more than once before she turned 3&finally was strong enough to survive the trach surgery. So yeah, you need your nose to live. And a brain hemmorhage? Skull fracture? He was trying to beat the child to death obviously. A one month old!!!!

      • Adam Z.

        Mark, he *IS* being charged with more than one thing. Aggravated mayhem AND child cruelty. That’s two separate charges.

        A person is guilty of aggravated mayhem when he or she unlawfully, under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the physical or psychological well-being of another person, intentionally causes permanent disability or disfigurement of another human being or deprives a human being of a limb, organ, or member of his or her body. For purposes of this section, it is not necessary to prove an intent to kill. Aggravated mayhem is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for life with the possibility of parole.

  • Debbie Miller Gill

    It states “other family members present”! If I was present it would include the father was also taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries as well!!! If not his obit!

  • april

    Just because other family was their don’t mean nothing the family could have been outside or in another room but the dad needs life in jail so he can’t hurt anyone else

  • Super Mad

    people can make all the excuses they want. This guy is a shitbag and deserves to die for what he did. You should never hurt an innocent child. When you get frustrated, you put the child in it’s crib, take a break, then come back to it.

  • michelle

    Maybe he should get his nose bit off and some head trauma. He would have never have made it outta that house if that had been my child. He needs his d**k cut off so he cant make anymore babies to abuse. No wait..he’ll get that serviced in prison .

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