Husband of woman found dead in car charged with murder

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UNION COUNTY, N.C. — The husband of a woman found shot to death has been charged with murder, according to Marshville police.

Alicia Sligh, 34, was found dead Sunday from a gunshot wound in the head.

Reginald Leon Allen, 37, who confessed his involvement in the killing, led investigators to the location of the gun used to kill Sligh, police say.

Allen has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

He is being held in the Union County Jail under no bond and is scheduled to be in court Friday.


  • Thomas

    If we cannot enforce current gun laws (as in the PROHIBITION of convicted felons to possess firearsm), then why add new, even more restrictive gun laws (for lawful gun-owners) to the thousands of unenforced ones already on the books?

    • FaithC

      Because every time there is a shooting at a school, movie theater or other public place people are horrified and politicians take the opportunity to make it seem like they care and are doing something. They start yelling we need more gun control so people do not focus on what they ARE NOT doing.
      They truly could care less about the welfare of the public.

  • Richard Nance

    North Carolina has the Weakest Judicial System in the entire Country, almost every time there’s a capital Crime commintted these animals are either out on parole or made their small bond & are committing crimes over & over again, so lock them up & keep them locked up, I blame the Liberal Judges & the State Attorney Generals that could change some of these Lenient Rules & Strengthen them pertaining to Habitual Offenders & keep them in jail much longer…..

    • CIAA Alum


      I spoke with the NC Judicial Commission some time ago regarding this same issue, felons need to remain where they can no longer harm others. The response I received from the Judicial Commission is the laws are written by the State Legislators. The judicial system must abide by legislative mandates. Therefore anyone who disagrees with the sentences handed down by the courts, should appeal to their State Representatives.

      I, for one, already have, and will continue to do so.

  • Debbie

    NC court system may be lenient on crimes of this nature, but get caught with a pill and see what happens. The bond for drug crimes usually start out at 100,000 and the sentence is at least 2 years. There is definitely something wrong with the judicial system. Violent crimes are swept under the rug because they are too busy fighting this “war on drugs’.

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