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Elderly woman dies after her clothes catch fire

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

200 block of Astran Drive (Google Maps)

DENTON, N.C. — An elderly woman died Friday after her clothing caught fire she while burning trash in her yard, authorities said.

The incident happened about 1:30 p.m. in the woman’s yard at 286 Astran Drive Lot 14, Sheriff David Grice of Davidson County said.

A neighbor called 911, and firefighters from the Denton Fire Department arrived at the scene a few minutes later, Grice said.

The firefighters found the woman inside the home with burns on her body, Grice said. The kitchen faucet was running, leading investigators to believe that she was putting water on her clothes in an effort to put out the fire, Grice said.

The victim was the only person at the mobile when the fire occurred, Grice said.

Grice declined to identify the victim, saying that her relatives hadn’t been notified of her death.

A Davidson County medical examiner decided that an autopsy wasn’t necessary, Grice said. It appears the woman’s death was related to the fire.


  • Katy Buffington

    Why would you post her address and a picture of her home?? Do you not think family and friends would recognize it! She was a friend of mine and not everyone had been notified when this article ran. VERY POOR JUDGEMENT ON YOUR PART! Put yourself in their places!

  • blueskyday

    I thought the same thing. If her name had not been released yet, why was the home address and photo published? Very insensitive. Very sorry for your loss, Katy…

  • hope

    Wow why put this on line when the family wasnt even notifed? She was my neighbor. And yes its illegal to bur trash just as illegal as drugs, speeding, prostitution, so have a heart!!!

  • wishuknew

    Just like u should not have posted information of address and picture of home, you should not post about things you do not know for a fact. She was jot burning trash. Get the correct information prior to reporting how unprofessional. And to the person who made the illegal comment you better take a good look at yourself before you start accusing someone when you do jot know the story. What kind of person are you to even comment like that on someone loosing there life, you should be ashamed.

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