Army reservist, mom hikes Appalachian Trail to help save soldiers

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) — A soldier is planning to hike the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine with one goal in mind — to help save the lives of other soldiers.

Sgt. Ilene Henderson, who is an Army reservist, has seen the horrors of war. She deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq, but says coming home was the real battle.

She survived, but two friends didn’t and committed suicide.

So she plans to hike the entire 2,000 miles in hopes that each step raises public attention and funds for a group trying to stop the rise of suicides among soldiers who went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“So, I think going on this hike will free me of outside distractions and allow me to focus on coming to terms with my experiences and hike out the war,” said Henderson.

Henderson’s 65-year-old mother, Inge, is going with her.

“One step at the time, 5-10 miles a day,” said Inge. “You just go out and start walking.”

They’ve packed everything from camping and cooking supplies to cold and hot weather clothing in two 36 pound backpacks.

Source: WTVD


  • Thomas

    Army reservist, mom hikes Appalachian Trial to help save soldiers….and to bring glory and recognition to herself. Sorry but my HEROES are the ones who work to help others, not harm them as mercenary soldiers, airmen, sailors, and psychotic Marines do.

  • Peter Faletto

    Thomas and David, your comments are unwarranted. You don’t know her, you obviously didn’t serve, and are both missing the point that she served honorably losing two of her friends to suicide. It is people like you who do nothing but complain about what soldiers are tasked to do. If you oppose war so much don’t vote for a President like Obama who aggressively seeks war.

    Thomas, you wouldn’t know a hero if he saved you from yourself. David, she was on combat patrol, they are real weapons and she earned her role.

  • Josh

    Check out There are opportunities around the country to help support Active Heroes and the Carry the Fallen Campaign that is dedicated to reducing veteran suicide rates from 22 to 0. I applaud this upstanding Soldier and her desire to help bring light to and hopefully help/healing to the many veterans struggling with this fight every day.

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