ACC likely to move basketball tournament to New York

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) basketball tournament will likely move to Brooklyn in 2017, according to the Greensboro News & Record.

Greensboro Coliseum director Matt Brown told the News & Record that the tournament will likely be played at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn starting in 2017.

This year's ACC tournament is already underway in Greensboro, and will stay there next year before then moving to Washington, D.C. in 2016.

Sports Illustrated says the ACC hopes to rotate the tournament between New York and North Carolina in the years to come.

Some have said the move up north is inevitable, and view the move as a marriage of the best league in college basketball with the country's most prominent city and media market.

Despite the move to the Big Apple, the ACC has no chance of playing in the iconic Madison Garden in the immediate future, because the Big East is playing there through 2026.

Brown released the following e-mail statement to the media on Friday evening:

“It’s well known the ACC is exploring many options for future Men’s Basketball Tournament sites. In response to a question from the News & Record earlier this afternoon, my comment was intended to simply confirm my belief that future ACC Tournaments are likely to be played in New York City, not confirming speculation from previously published media reports.

The ACC member schools will of course determine all future Tournament sites.

We look forward to the remainder of what has been a great 2014 Tournament and having the event back again in Greensboro in 2015.”

Source: Sports Illustrated | Greensboro News & Record


  • Tim

    Go figure….The ACC has always been the southern conference and now because of the addition of Syracuse, we moving up North. This just goes to show you that the ACC is no longer the Duke & Carolina tourney as it once was! The Triad is turning into old news in every aspect…get out while you can!

    • Tim

      Dotn be a ‘sheep’ joe….and try not to believe everything you read either dummie….article says years to come hope to rotate….we know that will never happen and may as well say goodbye to the ACC dominated by the south! North wins again!


    Wash dc in 2016 then ny in 2017 so this was in the works before syr was in the acc. Also boston college in the acc too along w maryland. So tim dont b a “goat”

    • Jame

      The fact is, NC is in the very heart of the ACC. What’s in the middle of New York and Florida? Oh yeah, North Carolina. Where is there not an ACC home team that has a coliseum big enough to house a 20 team conference championship? Greensboro. There could be a better place, maybe go to Charlotte, but by moving the tournament to New York there is no denying who will be the “home teams” year after year. People from Fla can reasonably get to NC, people from New York can reasonably get to NC, but by moving the tournament you turn a 4 hour drive for most people into a 12 hour ordeal maybe longer. It’s only for money. It’s all about money. Apparently they can’t make enough money off of these kids who get a half assed hold-my-hand-until-I-graduate education, a couple pairs of shoes, and MAYBE have the chance to turn pro. In return for their player’s physical attributes the schools, chancellors, conferences, and broadcasting networks get millions, and the fans get to spend more money to go to the furthest reach of our conference area if they want to cheer their teams on.

      • JOE BLOW

        Yes jame ur right its in the middle right were it should b.but its all about $$$ for the big wheels.

  • stephen driscoll

    The ACC needs to have its tournament in New York to keep the Big Ten out. As a Wake and ACC fan this is a good move. Ive noticed Greensboro has had a lot of empty seats so far. New York is the media capital for the world. The ACCc needs to do this.

  • deblew

    Oh puh-lease people. Tim is right. It IS because of Syracuse. When they joined the ACC, the coach trashed Greensboro and said that it was not the right venue for a tourney for his team. So cater to the newbie and not the colleges that have been long time ACC members. Not to mention that Greensboro is the Home of the ACC. BTW – Maryland is no longer in the ACC after this year.

    • JOE BLOW

      His comment has nuthing to do w moving if u believe that then ur a fool.I think its stupid to mix colleges that far away anyways but its all about politics and money is why colleges do it.

  • Chalky White

    He’s redefined the basics of geographic logic already. Indiana is now just another Myrtle Beach…LOL. Kentucky now sits on the Atlantic Coast, as well as Pennsylvania. The Adirondack Mountains of upstate NY have also slid over to the sea. Hell, I hated it when we let FSU in, Miami and BC, but at least they met the most basic criteria of The Atlantic Coast Conference! For the right amount of money ol Patty Pat would do just about anything.

  • Thomas

    Although I wish the ACC Tournament could stick to its roots and keep the March series in Greensboro, it would be nice to place the post season classic in a venue that does not offer UNC perennial home-court advantage. True, Greensboro is a “neutral court”, but with 90% of the fans in attendance wearing Carolina blue, it is hardly neutral to any of Carolina’s opponents who must battle the UNC faithful throughout the tournament.

  • Steve

    John Swofford is an idiot. Let’s take the ACC tournament out of “Tournament Town” where the ACC hall of fame is, where there are 4 ACC teams, where the most fans will attend and put it in New York… They will realize how dumb this is when they make half the money and have half the attendance that they have here in Greensboro.

    • laffinatcha

      STEVE, you do realize it’s not about the “fan” anymore, and hasn’t been in years. It’s now about the marketing and sponsorship dollars. Moving forward the “fan” has no chance, whether it’s NYC or Greensboro.

  • hr

    Joe and Tim, y’all both read up on some facts before you go and post and get into a little argument. 1. This is Maryland’s last season in the ACC. 2. It is mainly Syracuse’s fault that the ACC tournament is moving. Syracuse’s coach was complaining about how far they have to travel and because they want nicer food and nicer places to stay. Personally, I don’t like the idea. Greensboro is in the middle of all the schools. So I don’t think it makes sense to change something that’s already working and has been for years.

    • Tim

      Well maybe if you read what I was writing, you will realize I blame Syracuse for the move. So to say it like it is, your on my side with this arguement. Thanks!

    • Brandi

      hr you are right. and now instead of Syracuse traveling, Miami, FSU, Clemson, and all of North Carolina’s teams will travel farther then Syracuse had to, and if they didnt like the travel they shouldnt have join the ACC.

  • Billy

    So those are the years that I won’t be watching. I’ll mark those on my calendar. ACC was destroyed by adding Pitt, Syracuse, BC, and Miami god knows who else I can’t even keep count. I used to love watching the ACC because it had a local feel to it. Reminds me of how they destroyed Nascar.

  • JK

    Wonder what the difference will be in expense for the bulk of the fans that have to fly in and pay NY hotel and restaurant rates.

    • John

      That is the real point of this move. In addition to the fact that there are no ACC schools in NYC area,NYC is a pain in the butt to visit. I think only the most avid fans will end up making the tourney more than once. empty seats, and no real possibility of expanding fan base in NYC market. Syracuse is upstate, not NYC. I can assure you Pitt fans have no love for NYC, nor Louisville, nor anyone south of the Carolinas. Big mistake to sign more than a single appearance lease. Greensboro will still be the best neutral site as this years tourney has shown!

  • Max

    Better be ready to dig deeper into your wallets comes 2017. Lodging is far more expensive in Brooklyn, maybe you plan to stay in Manhattan and commute to Barclay’s Center. BTW, Barclay’s isn’t exactly in the garden spot of Brooklyn.


    Smart brandi. Syr has to travel to all acc teams there playing. so any syr away game is same distance as acc comming to syr.


    When syr orange is hungry ther favorate color is carolina blue. It doesnt matter if its light blue or dark blue!

  • Liza White

    Not surprised. As much I hate it, I feel like Greensboro hasn’t been serious about trying to keep it here either. The High Point Rd area around the coliseum should be immaculate with nice restaurants, shops, park area and landscaping. For the most part, it’s run down buildings. a few trashy clubs and few upscale restaurants. I live right off of HP Rd and go to other areas of Greensboro to do anything. It’s not just the location of the state that matters, local surroundings make a difference and ours are poor.

  • C-lo

    I know people like their ball games, but to me, I couldn’t care less who’s playing who or where. I’m more concerned about the direction the country is moving in. But yeah, you all go watch your ball games…..

    • Just saying

      Amen!! They will just turn into a bunch of over paid punks in years to come supported by a bunch of poor folks that pay way to much for tickets and by all their stupid jerseys!!

  • David Hedgecock

    I hate to see it, personally. Money rules all. We didn’t know how wonderful it was when we had all those bitter rivalries between Maryland vrs UNC;;or NC State vrs. Maryland or Virginia vrs anyone of the 3. It was just great;;all were regional and so alike culturally. We will never see the likes of it again. Somehow, it seems we have lost much more than we’ve gained. Those that engineered this “New ACC” and they know who they are;;and they’re probably very proud but in my view, they should be very ashamed. They’ve certainly have not done N.C. proud.

  • l337g33k

    On a side note, I’m sure this will plunge the Greensboro Coliseum deeper in to the RED. Maybe they can trim some of Matt Brown’s extravagant, most over paid city employee salary to compensate. The ACC is about the only event each year that fills seats.

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