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NC man bags 500-pound wild hog

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BERTIE COUNTY, N.C. -- A hunter in Bertie County shot and killed a 500-pound wild hog after spotting it last month.

The massive animal didn't stand a chance against veteran hunter Jett Webb's .308 caliber rifle.

Credit: White Oak Ranch Hunting Club

Credit: White Oak Ranch Hunting Club

Webb spotted the beast roaming near the Indian Woods on land leased by the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club.

It is the same hog hunters have been vying for since seeing it on trail cameras years ago.

"I had no idea that there could be something that big running around the woods of Eastern North Carolina," Webb told WNCT.

Webb describes the animal as a beast, far from a domesticated docile pig that most are used to seeing. He says the hog has a Mohawk down the back and the tusks are really lean.

Mike Mansell, president of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club, agrees this size hog game is rare.

Hunters said the pig is part of a growing wild boar population in the East, one they estimate is doubling each year.

“They’re a species that is invasive,” Mansell said. “Once you have them, you’re not going to get rid of them. They just continue to multiply.”

According to WNCT, Webb killed a similar-sized pig two years ago that’s now mounted on the walls of the hunting club.

This time, he will be harvesting the meat, filling two coolers to the brim with sausage, pork chops and tenderloin.

"We’re not going to waste anything,” Webb says. “So that pig will provide food for me and my family for a good year."

Webb swears his picture is not photo-shopped and says most reaction online has been positive.

Source: WNCT


  • JustNobody

    A better ending to this story would have been if Webb would put on and host a huge spread for a lot of hungry people..Get some donations of salads and rolls and have a feast for a bunch of folks..

    • someonespecial

      To “Justnobody”…..Oh let me guess, you are familiar with his personal financial giving all year long and are not assuming he doesnt care for his fellow man. He probably doesnt give his time to any charitable organizations all year either. But then again, you already knew that.

  • Jay

    Why are humans so ignorant the pig got that pig made it that long in life there was no reason to kill just shows again that man kind had no respect for anyone anything or themselves sad

  • jen

    Adult boars can measure from 90 to 200 cm (35 to 79 in) in length, not counting a tail of 15 to 40 cm (5.9 to 15.7 in), and have a shoulder height of 55 to 110 cm (22 to 43 in). As a whole, their average weight is 50–90 kg (110–200 pounds), though boars show a great deal of weight variation within their geographical ranges. This guy is a (pos!!!) this was a unique and beautiful animal mammoth in size compared to the norm for what it was their was no need to kill it no reason to,other then complete ignorance which is the norm for mankind. Humans have no respect for anything its disgusting, what a scumbag!!!

    • PeopleEatingTastyAnimals = PETA

      These boars are invasive species. They destroy farmland (crops) and farming. They pose a danger to humans and other native animals.

      And, the man is going to feed his family with the animal.

      And you call him ignorant? Thank you for exposing yourself to others. Liberals are so angry!

      I’m going to kill an extra deer this deer this fall and name her Jen!

  • Paula

    These animals as stated in the article will take over areas and way over populate. Hunting thins herds of animals. I do not hunt, never had and never will but I am smart enough to know that hunting deer and hogs are a good thing. The number of hunters are not large so they help manage herds. Yes there are some bad hunters, that shoot things they should not but to talk bad about all hunters is just stupid. City folk have not a clue of what happens outside the concrete land, buildings and herds of people that overcrowd the streets that they live. He is feeding his family with it. What is wrong with that? Not a thing!

  • jen

    History and Status
    The wild boar is not native to North America or North Carolina. The wild boar was believed to have been brought to North America by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The wild boar did not come to North Carolina until April 1912, when hunters brought 13 European boars to a game preserve at Hooper’s Bald in Graham County. By 1920, approximately 100 boars had escaped into the Great Smoky Mountains and established a wild breeding population. During the 1940s, a second release occurred, this one planned, in Green River Cove in Polk County.
    Reviled by rural folks because of their ability to prey successfully on domestic poultry and cause damage to agricultural crops, wild boars were formerly killed whenever possible. Humans caused the problems in the first place then they want to wipe out the animal for their mistakes!!! Complete Ignorance!!! Go get yourself that deer name it whatever you want maybe the world will get lucky and you will be in a hunting accident

    • Steve

      Jen … why are you wishing death on your fellow man. Why are you such an angry person. You’re not very nice. Obviously you don’t have to deal with the problems that wild hogs bring. I’m guessing you live in a gated community and are at bliss with your urban lifestyle. You probably wouldn’t last two weeks on your own in the woods. 911 doesn’t work out there. Stop wishing death on people and please keep “your” ignorant comments to yourself.

      • Addie Toxx

        Steve, why are you not using question marks? Is there some sort of phobia about using question marks? You make some mighty big assumptions about Jen. You’ve got her whole life figured out and you don’t even know her. From where I’m sitting, your comment is far more ignorant than hers, at least she has a point. As far as the hog, yes there is a problem with wild hogs, that doesn’t mean anyone and everyone has to be happy to see them shot and killed. If you can’t understand someone having empathy for the death of an innocent animal, perhaps you should sit and do some rethinking about your life.

  • Jay

    can u read man caused the problem there self man causes every problem there is we destroy everything it has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative because well politicians are all the same crooked
    Humans like to wreck and destroy everything it’s sad

  • badelizabeth2013

    why dont they just open season on these and they give the meat to homeless shelters. It is, after all, pork. These and the Canadian geese population would then go down and be controlled. And the homeless would have some free food.

  • Jay

    Jen u are 100 percent right Humans do cause every problem that there is its sad but it all boils down to one word greed

    I got no problem feeding the homeless but the problem with homeless shelters is we have to many child pedoplies in them and I would be down for a national hunting day for all child molesters and rapists I would def join that hunt

  • jen

    ( ) Great idea??!! Lets kill a bunch of innocent animals to feed a bunch of disgusting worthless perverts!! If mankind was so great the people that really needed and deserved help not the pervs would get it but instead people starve and have no home while others are worth millions. Stop the bs about population control humans cant even control their own population how about we control that before we worry about other species since we are the most worthless and destructive!!! Why not open season on sex offenders you want to kill a bunch of innoccent animals why not just wipe out all pervs and cut a big chunck down in the human population then theirs no need to worry about a mass murder of innocent animals the shit already happens on a daily basis go to the grocery store theirs more then enough food to feed the homeless already humans got to get their money though this is a world of greed!!!

  • ronda

    where do you think the pork that is the supermarkets come from? from hog farms. now that boar hog that he killed you wont have to worry about it having the chemicals that is in hog feed. It lived off the land. When my family hunts we eat what we kill. It isnt for sport to have a animals head on the wall. I have eaten squirrell ,rabbits, bear, possum and deer. If I get hungry for chicken I go outside and get one and chop its head off and dress it out. Thats what they are for.

    • stéphanie

      And just what would you do with a hog of that size, Max R. Pardon? Put a saddle and bridle on it and ride around on it as if it were a pony?

  • Shandi Grainger Foster

    I think the logic that killing a species of animals controls their population is peculiar. There is scientific evidence to state the contrary. Current human hunting methods actually cause an increase in animal populations as the species in turn feels threatened and in attempts to save the species begin to reproduce more (hence the increase in the wild boar and deer populations). Don’t believe me? Do your research…

  • ryanMediacom

    Holly god. No way. Thats creepy to think you could one day be out for a late night walk and cross this mammoth dangerous animal. I work and live only 25 mins from there.

  • Jay

    Yeah if u are out walking late at night u better worry bout 2 things and it isn’t a pig lol it’s a thug life hood rat getting ready to rob u or a sick pervert serial killer trying to grab u up

  • Rolando

    If you compare the pic to the pic of the hog in the other article that was properly weighed and documented over 500lbs, you will see they are similar in size. Regardless, it wasn’t the hunter making the claim about the weight. He obviously doesn’t care if he didn’t weigh it or claim it weighed a particular amount. So shut up.

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