Kilah Davenport, victim of child abuse, dies at age 4

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CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. -- Kilah Davenport, a victim of child abuse, died Thursday at a local hospital, her grandmother told WSOC.

She was almost five years old.

Kilah was badly abused by her stepfather, Joshua Houser, in 2012. Houser was sentenced last month to 92 to 123 months in prison for felony child abuse.

Houser was convicted of shoving Kilah’s head through a wall of his home in Indian Trail in May 2012. She was 3-years-old at the time.

Kilah Davenport

Kilah Davenport

Kilah suffered a broken collarbone, a fractured skull, a brain injury and bruising. The beating caused permanent injuries to her skull and brain.

The incident prompted "Kilah’s Law," which was passed in North Carolina and increases sentences for people convicted of child abuse.

Under Kilah's Law, child abusers convicted of major felonies who once faced less than 10 years behind bars, can now be sentenced to 25 years to life.

Source: WSOC


    • Thomas

      Hopefully FaithC, unless our progressive friends try to get him EXONERATED. Who knows….maybe he was abused as a child, he didn’t get picked for the basketball team, or God forbid, maybe he was “bullied”. I’m sure they’ll find some reason to lighten his sentence and blame society instead of making him take personal responsibility for his actions.

      • stéphanie

        For doing what he did to Kilah, and to truly get justice for her, I don’t think that the stepfather should ever see the free side of a prison’s walls ever again. That kind of a crime is so totally inexcusable.

    • claire guthrie

      vengeance is mine says the LORD…….

      enough justice could never be delivered this side of eternity.

    • dobydog1

      hopefully. there have been other cases where people have died from injuries caused in a crime years and decades later that have been charged and convicted of murder. hopefully the scum never sees the light of day again.

      • Amanda

        I think that’s a horrible thing to say, as in her mother (whom I know personally) would allow her husband to hurt her daughter. But to answer your question, when Kilah was hurt her mother was a work. And when she died her mother was there and tried to revive her then rushed her to the hospital!

  • Pasqualeena

    I would think he would be resentenced with “Accidental Murder”.. he did a Horrible thing to that Angel, maybe with no intent to Kill her, but he should now be resentenced and sent to Jail for a long time..that poor Lil girl <3

  • crystal

    Murder one. No accidental anything. You accidently drop a glass, not shove a babys head through a wall.
    Life sentence.. death sentence.. nothing less is just

    • Nanette

      Thanks Chrystal, you’re exactly right. There was NO accident here. May a thousand “accidents” befall this animal every day during his “vacation” behind bars!


    If she died as a direct result of the injuries she sustained in the attack from thta POS Houser, he should be charged with murder, thried, convicted, and turned lose in the general prison population to let nature (and prison justice) take it’s course.

  • Vicki

    Sadly I sont think they can charge hi with murder. That would be Double Jeopardy. Things could have changed, and I hope I am wrong…

    • tanya

      Double jeopardy is a trying a case 2 times with the same charges.. He was charged with child abuse the first time not manslaughter or murder.. He absolutely can be charged w murder or manslaughter and he should. It’s murder.. a grown adult knows they can hurt their child with excessive force and putting a child’s head through a wall causing a skull fracture and brain trauma is horrific and should never happen period. He deserves life in prison or death. He killed and innocent baby and all she endured the last couple of years w surgeries and pain all due to someone who copulent control their anger… not right at all..

  • John Sieck

    Double jeopardy is a procedural defense that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction.

  • Vicki

    I got to talking to people and I think Im wrong. This would be a different charge, So he could be charged with murder

  • Joann Duke

    He didn’t recieve that much time for what he did to her, so it would be only just that he stand trial for murder, and I can’t see why it couldn’t be 1st degree murder since he delibertly put her head through a wall which could have resulted in her death at that time.

  • Faith G

    Murder 1 should be the new charge. Not or anything else. That walking skin bag beat this poor baby. He didn’t annually drop her, he instantly shoved her head through a wall knowing full well what the end result would be. Death row isn’t good enough for scum like him. Prison justice all the way!

  • kim

    I think he needs to charged for murder. But he will pay for it come judgement day. But there is no punishment for a sick person. He will get what is coming to him. Inmates will beat him.. But that aint good enough.

  • Governmental Deception

    Instead of putting these people in prison , why not sentence them to become better parents. It cost less and doesn’t make the FEDS richer by putting everyone in prison for sneezing wrong. The kid keeps the parents and the parent learns to be a better parent.

    • Robin

      Hey Governmental Deception let her family beat you and shove your head through a wall until you are a vegetable and see if it gets better!

    • ashley jenkins

      governmental deception i think its sad you can take up for the sorry pice of shit i think anyone who touches abuses a kid ect should be put to death for you to say help them become better parents he had that chance and didnt use it instead kept the abusive acts up if you knew anything with the case you wud know he has a abusive past he should be put to death asap god took one of his angels to heaven to watch over her and hope justices makes this sick idividual pay for the pain he caused this poor child and her family i agree someone shud throw ur head in a wall and see if u still agree afterwards

  • coreynbeth

    Government deception…you make me SICK!! Would your thought be the same if this was YOUR child?? You sound just as sick and twisted as this POS!! So, in your mind, even if this was your child, you would not want the person who harmed him/her to do any time, or pay any price? You would want him to move in next door, with a new family, and do this to another child?? You really need some serious help!!!!!

  • Queen Bee

    I can’t bear to read about these tiny children who are tortured and killed by the very people who are supposed to protect them. The fear and pain they must experience. Utterly heartbreaking.

  • sucko

    all this big talk kill em how tuff behind a key board go help a kid slugzz wouldnt kill a fly yea he deserves death but none u cowards wouldnt dare

  • Leslie Chaaban

    My heart goes out to you and I prey for your family all my love goes out to you and my children love god bless you and your family

  • Chalky White

    How about a law holding all 100 Counties liable for not taking and keeping children out of homes where abuse, neglect and abandonment occur? This happens all of the time, and DSS is broke and told to leave them at home. Who hires DSS Directors and creates their budgets? COUNTY COMMISSIONERS! People…kids don’t have a voice or a vote. Wake up and be their voice…and their vote!

  • j

    Gov.Deception…you don’t just leave helpless children with sick individuals to be victimized over and over again. People like that have mental illness and it just doesn’t go away. Even with treatment it sometimes doesn’t go away. In the meantime, if you leave children in their care, (especially after they have demonstrated that they use them as punching bags )then those innocent and quite defenseless children can die. I understand that you would like as little gov.involvement as possible but somebody has to protect the little kids when their parents are the predators and abusers instead of the ones keeping them safe like they are suppose to.

  • chrisa

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