Horse struck by 2 cars, killed on US 421 in Yadkin Co.

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U.S. 421 in Yadkin Co.

YADKIN COUNTY, N.C. — A horse was struck by two vehicles early Thursday morning on U.S. 421 in Yadkin County.

Officials said three horses wandered out of a pasture after a fallen tree knocked down a fence.

One of the horses walked onto U.S. 421 near Asbury Church Road around 4:30 a.m. and was struck by two separate vehicles. The horse was killed by the impact of the collisions and both vehicles were damaged.

Officers rounded up the two other horses and returned them to their owner.

The drivers of the vehicles were not reported to be injured.

There will be no citations as a result of the incident.


  • John

    My car was totaled and the police said the owner of the horse is not liable for the damage. I am unemployed and this was my only car!

  • Perry Smith

    My advise is to talk with an attorney, as under certain conditions the owners may be responsible, depends on his reputation for maintaining his fences. If he has a good reputation, and this was and “Act of God” then he is probably not responsible, but I’m not a lawyer, so ask a professional.

  • velvet

    There has been a lot of wind and trees fall on houses and fence. So how could it be the owners fault. He lost a loved horse.

    • Perry Smith

      If the owner of the livestock has a reputation for keeping his fences in good repair, and his livestock under control then a storm damaged fence is not his fault, but if he/she has a bad reputation for livestock being out of control, and not keeping the fence in good repair then they might could be responsible, but as I said earlier I’m not a lawyer, just a farmer who works hard to keep his fences in good repair.

  • Chris

    I know the owner of this horse and he keeps his pasture and fences up with great care. These animals would not be loose by way of any neglect on the owners part. The vehicle owner’s insurance should cover this if he’s insured. Everyone is always looking for a lawsuit. This man is grieving even if others don’t understand it.

  • melissa bob

    If you are unemployed. Should you be out at 430 in the morning? I mean try and conserve gas and make all you can of it. Just my thought. Plus you have insurace how fast were you going that you couldn’t react or see the horse?

  • Max R. Pardon

    If I have a rep. About deer tearing down my fence should I repair it every time it is jumped thru by the deer running off the roadway. So when I make repairs and complete them I am getting the biggest voltage fence to start clipping them deeragain with the electrical pulse that they hit when jumping over or thru the highe temcil wire

  • Debbie

    I really hate it for the drivers and the horse owner. I have horses also and my neighbors do not keep up their pasture beside me and a tree fell on the fence we share this week. My horses got curious during the night and jumped over and tearing up their legs. I find them in his pasture early when it was dark the next morn. It was his tree but we share the fence even though he doesn’t have anything in the pastures and they are grown up. So responsibility? I had to have someone cut the tree. Repair the fence and doctor my own horses. And my horses are never known to be roaming the area because of fences. But sometimes it does happen with “acts of God”. So if you have insurance and maybe only liability.. CHeck with you insurance carrier. They do cover deer and other animals in most cases. Just say….

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