Fire heavily damages home in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A discarded cigarette led to a fire that badly damaged a home in Winston-Salem Thursday evening.

Firefighters were dispatched to 5533 Francis Court around 5:30 p.m.

One person was in the house at the time of the fire but made it outside without injuries.

Officials say a discarded cigarette caught tree debris in the yard from the recent storms on fire. The fire then spread to the siding on the house and was fueled by strong winds.

The home is heavily damaged, with over half the roof gone.

The fire has been extinguished.


  • Thomas

    Because selfish, trashy, idiot smokers who cannot dispose of their nasty cancer sticks in a considerate, proper manner, I am in favor of the total prohibition of smoking.

    • Suzy

      Okay I have typed this in once but here goes again. I smoked for 40 years and quit in 2005. In 2008 i have a life altering 12 hour surgery to remove oral cancer. It was not the cigarette’s fault nor the tobacco company. IT was my fault but it was not the tobacco that caused the cancer! For you to make the comments you did you are probably one of those who wants POT legalized in all states. Well, wait and see how many deaths come from the smoking of POT. It goes in the lungs and I do not want to be anywhere near those TRASHY, NASTY peope who smoke it. And one more thing, call me a trashy nasty person again but email me your phone number and let’s meet face to face so you can call me nasty and trashy. This old 67 year ol great grandomother will teach you a few manners and how to post comments online.

  • Sandra

    The question should be was it the person that lived in the house that tosed the cigarette or someone else?

  • Kerowin

    I am a smoker, but I’m always careful to dispose of my “nasty cancer sticks in a considerate, proper manner”. Ridiculous comment to suggest a prohibition of smoking. I, for one, am sick of trash from fast food establishments being discarded everywhere EXCEPT in the trash, but would never deign to suggest banning them because of the actions of a few!

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