Buckley Report analyzes recent ‘coal ash’ ad blaming Gov. McCrory

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By now, you’re probably familiar with the coal ash spill into the Dan River.

That has been news since it happened last month. What is not news is that this was a disaster waiting to happen.

That appears to be the premise of an advocacy ad run by the environmental group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, which is based in Washington, D.C.

What’s different about this ad though is that it appears to put most – if not all – of the blame on North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

This edition of the Buckley Report looks into the ad’s claims to see if they are accurate and whether the NRDC is playing the “blame game” fairly.


    • Thomas

      Doesn’t surprise me that liberals cannot face the truth when confronted with FACTS. Although I think Fox 8 (which is not owned by News Corp. as is Fox News Channel) leans left in its reporting overall, I commend Bob Buckley for this objective, critical view of a very misleading, agenda-driven ad.

    • FaithC

      Thomas – I did not make the comment. I do know you like to make comments under my name an then you reply to them. You are one sick sorry lonely person.
      Don’t deny it we all know you do it under my name and others.

  • Roger

    Both partys are the blame.And if you look back 15 years who was head of Duke Engery. Both partys what to take shortcuts in plans and pass the expense on to the comsumers. As long has this goes on it will get worse.If they had look at this long ago then this may not would have happen. But right now neither party whats to take the blame so they pass it on to the comsumer.

  • Thomas

    As a registered independent, I am dismayed that a politically-driven group would jump on the chance to hammer Gov. McCrory in such a shameful, partisan fashion so soon after the coal ash disaster when all the facts are yet to be seen. For instance, state regulators who were supposed to be inspecting coal ash ponds failed to inspect the drainage pipes that are the focus of the contamination of the Dan River during the state’s routine examinations of these facilities in 2009 and 2012. Since those inspections occurred during the administration of Democratic governor Beverly Perdue, why aren’t we seeing negative ads by the NRDC attacking her when such environmental negligence took place under her watch? When such “environmental groups” as the NRDC, and our local Dan River Basin Association, turn out to be nothing more than left-wing, political activist organizations that push a radical ecological agenda, it is hard to take such groups seriously.

  • dewey

    every other governor hadn’t been on Duke’s payroll while also being the mayor of the state’s largest city

  • Richard Nance

    If the State had Inspected the Drainage Pipes they could have prevented this Catastrophe, as Thomas has already stated & the fact is they knew about it years ago & didn’t act on it….remember, the Democrats have been in Power in Raleigh for 100 years before the election of 2012, so, there is NO way the Blame can be laid on The Governor, more then likely it should be Purdue’s fault & her Democratic Cronies that Didn’t really care whether there was a spill or not, they all make Big Bucks in those Departments & there should be an Outside Investigation into WHO is Responsible & lay the Blame on the Real Culprits & Not just believe a Liberal oriented Group like the NRDC.that is based in Washington DC, the root of all evil……

  • foursiegs@mac.com

    For those of you interested in how coal ash has been regulated since the 1980s, go to http://www.epa.gov/wastes/nonhaz/industrial/special/fossil/regs.htm and read the reports. You will find that the federal government knew of the seepage problems and they had already dealt with a more serious incident as early as 1988. Despite this, they allowed disposal of coal ash in unlined landfills. I am not a fan of the governor, but this was not his fault. Thirty+ years of lax federal and state regulation and an agency that still is unable to produce a final rule on the classification of coal ash waste. Republicans and Democrats alike on the federal and state levels share the blame for this awful problem.

    The Buckley Report got this story right.

  • Union Cross Liberation Army

    This is good reporting. However, Fox8 should decline to run the ad any longer since they’ve shown it to be sketchy at best.

  • Jeb

    Can anyone point me to the Buckley report(s) regarding ads against Sen. Hagan and President Obama from such ‘truth tellers’ as American Action Network and Americans for Prosperity?

    I obviously missed Bob’s “investigations” into those ads.

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