Anti-Jeff Bzdelik billboards return to Winston-Salem

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Motorists traveling eastbound on Business 40 through Winston-Salem, NC, saw this electronic billboard urging Wake Forest University athletic director Ron Wellman to fire men's basketball coach Jeff Bzdelik, Wednesday, Mar., 12, 2014, just as the ACC Tournament was getting under way in nearby Greensboro. (David Rolfe/Journal)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — While the Wake Forest basketball team was busy winning its way into the next round of the ACC tournament in Greensboro, another anti-Jeff Bzdelik billboard reappeared along Business 40 in Winston-Salem.

The group that funded earlier initiatives calling for the firing of Bzdelik as Wake Forest’s basketball coach is giving it another shot.

Two new messages began rotating on a digital billboard near Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on Wednesday morning.

The messages — directed at Ron Wellman, Wake Forest’s athletics director — went into rotation about an hour before Wake Forest played Notre Dame in the opening round and will run until next Wednesday.

One of the messages reads: “Any day now Wellman … Fire Jeff Bzdelik. #BuzzOut #WellmanOut.” The other reads: “We’re Waiting … Fire Jeff Bzdelik. #BuzzOut #WellmanOut.”

The billboards are under the direction of Ryan Stratton and his brother, Brian. They are part of the group responsible for the marketing campaign, which is paid for through social-media and word-of-mouth fundraising. Neither of the Strattons attended Wake Forest, but their late father, Roger, was a Wake Forest graduate who took them to games when they were growing up.

“His record speaks for itself,” Ryan Stratton said. “He was a poor hire and did a poor job at Wake. This is the worst stretch of Wake basketball in 20 years.”


  • Tim

    So quick to fire a coach….Look what the Carolina Panthers did with their coach…The fans hated him, but now love him cause they won some games and then he alone won coach of the year! Fans are idiots to say the least and when your a loyal fan, you dont bash a coach, you push for wins, not jobs!

  • Phil

    Fans have stooped to a new low. This man has a family, friends and has contributed to the community. Ryan and Brian Stratton have no class and are a reflection of typical uneducated rednecks that give this community a bad name. Shame on you guys!

  • Richard Head

    I understand their frustration. I have heard that he is a nice guy and very likeable but he was a poor hire. He was mediocre at best in every other head coaching job that he has been in. 4 years have passed and no progress has been made. Yesterday’s win was what we refer to as a play-in game. The tournament doesn’t really start until Friday.

  • Stone

    He’s had 4 years and has done a miserable job. Wake is barely an afterthought in the ACC, much less the national stage. He should have been fired last year. Simply put he is a terrible coach

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