Ice, wind down trees across NC; over 300,000 across state without power

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Thousands of people across the Piedmont are without power due to the latest winter storm to slam the Piedmont.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain has pummeled the Piedmont late Thursday into Friday.

Roads are treacherous and thousands of people are without power.

Duke Energy is reporting over 300,000 outages across North Carolina. High Point Electric is reporting over 30,000 outages.

Latest outage breakdown:

Guilford County – 124,615
High Point – 39,967
Alamance County – 56,318
Randolph County – 36,541
Davidson County – 24,976
Forsyth County – 12,068
Davie County – 4,440

Duke Energy spokeswoman Lisa Hoffman said Duke is bringing in crews from outside areas to help.

“They will be out and they’ll work around the clock to get these folks back on line as soon as we can,” Hoffman said.

Follow our live blog for the latest updates.

Duke Energy customers: Report an outage | View current outages – or call 1-800-POWER ON.

City of High Point: Power outage information


  • W.Randall Crews

    put the power lines under ground and you would not be haveing all this trouble trees don,t grow up side down

    • D

      Love thy power workers! We must thank them for all they are doing today to help restore power to our homes and businesses!

      • denise

        Please remember that as the power crews are out there work most of them have tree crews working along side them .These men work long hours in the cold and rain to restore the power and remove the trees on lines …

  • wayne swicegood

    That would be fine if you want to pay at least three times what the current rates are for power. Just installing them alone would cost billions and maintenance costs would be horrendous.

    • Al Anon

      These hucksters would indeed sock it to the customer if ever required to put the lines under ground. They much prefer to patch up this unreliable 19th century power grid, increase rates, and line their tax-exempt pockets.

  • Marcus

    They get billions every year from rate increases and line their pockets, instead of putting these lines underground. This happens almost every year and every year they talk about the cost of doing something, but I’m sure it’s not cheap doing band-aids on an ongoing problem. We take a hit every time these rates increase, while they never take a hit on anything.

  • Curious

    Since Duke saves millions on not paying taxes each year,they should be able to afford to bury the lines in places most surrounded by trees.

  • Alfred

    Is high point electric working around the clock also? I hope they are Getting outside help also. All I want is my power on so I can watch Duke vs Carolina tomorrow night!

    • suzie

      WOW REALLY!?!?! People are losing money with food going bad, some are freezing without alternate sources of heat, and you want power for a ball game???

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