School bus slides off icy road in Salisbury

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School bus slides off road in Salisbury (WGHP)

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Slick roads are what authorities are blaming after a Rowan County school bus slid off the road and down an embankment early Friday morning.

Officials said there were three students on the bus, but they were not hurt. Neither was the driver.

The accident happened just after 6 a.m. at Majolica Road and Sherrils Ford Road, according to WSOC.

The bus hit a gas line when it wrecked and the gas company was on scene working to cap it.

Rowan County Schools were operating on a normal bus schedule when the accident happened.

School transportation officials checked the roads earlier in the morning and determined the weather to be a rain event, according to a school district spokesperson.

Source: WSOC


  • purecrap

    Rain event that is ice on the roads, if someone was to die, This school district should be held responsible!!

    • SAL

      And right there is the problem. Sue happy society cripples EVERYTHING! I am not saying that they should have had school but COME ON! People like you are why we have so many meaningless lawsuits in this country. If it’s that bad outside and you feel uncomfortable sending your kid to school then keep them home.

  • FaithC

    School transportation officials did not want this to be another day that had to be made up and cut into their spring break? They are willing to put children at risk. Not sure what road they checked, but that does not look like just rain to me.

  • Shannon

    As a Rowan parent, it honestly was rain and then very suddenly turned to sleet that piled quickly. I understand the call they made, because when it was made, all we had was rain and wet streets. I hate that it happened, but they try to make the best call they can for the students while staying within the silly state laws about school days.

    • news2me

      NOAA had a winter weather warning as did the Weather Channel. They even mapped out the time of the freezing precip….as did accu-weather etc etc etc..

      I wonder if the people that made the decision to allow these children to go to school are meteorologists.

      Bottom Line: Always err of the side of safety….Always…You can make up a school day but you can not make-up a lost child. .

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