Guilford Co. declares State of Emergency, over 175,000 county residents without power

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County has declared a State of Emergency due to the impact of the winter storm.

“I have determined that there is an imminent threat of, or existing conditions have caused or will cause, widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property, and public safety authorities will be unable to maintain public order or afford adequate protection for lives or property,” Guilford County Board of Commissioners Vice Chairman Hank Henning said in the declaration.

The declaration includes all of the municipalities and townships within the county.

By declaring a State of Emergency, agencies identified within the Guilford County Emergency Operations Plan and other community resources are charged with coordinating the overall response to the incident.

Currently, over 175,000 customers are without power in Guilford County.

Duke Energy is reporting 145,000 outages and High Point Electric Utilities is reporting 32,000 outages.

Duke Energy and the City of High Point Electric Utilities are working to restore service as soon as possible to all customers.

A warming center has been opened at 2010 Coliseum Blvd. at the Glenwood Recreation Center for residents to get out of the cold if necessary.

Residents are asked to shelter in place at their residences Friday and stay off the roads as much as possible to allow emergency services and public utility crews the ability to work.


    • nathan

      another ignorant post have you counted the trees dude listen to what you said. there thousands of trees out there how many people do you think we have.

  • jmoh

    This is the dumbest statement ever from an official “Unable to maintain public order”? I don’t know what that means in the south, but I take it as possible looting and riots. It’s an ice storm that will melt by tonight. What will you do when a huge hurricane hits?

    • Trav May

      It’s probably just a pre-approved statement that is required for a State of Emergency declaration to be legal in the eyes of the state and/or federal governments.

      • jmoh

        Any statement to me that says “we will not be able to maintain public order” is a cause for trouble. We in the north deal with this type of weather all the time and it lasts forever and ever and……. We have had almost 6 ft of snow this year. Still have to go to to work and school. NC will be thawed out before I get up tomorrow. Stay calm it will be fine in a couple of days. .

      • Tim Thornton

        That’s exactly what it is. In order for a local government to receive assistance from the state, or for a state to receive assistance from the federal government, a declaration of a state of emergency that says local or state resources are overwhelmed is required by statute. For federal assistance, it is required by the Stafford Act. As for jmoh, NO, it will not melt by tonight, and if you have never lived in the south you DO NOT KNOW what an ice storm down here is. .

      • Diane Purcell

        jmoh – although the north deals with it all the time (I was raised in NJ) the south doesn’t – so residents and gov agencies need to ensure safety. This is a big state with more farmland, forest areas and country roads, etc. I’d rather they take it seriously. A declared State of Emergency means funding too.

    • Clint Lowe

      To the Yankee who commented about his six feet of snow, just to educate you a little, ice and snow are two different things. I’d much rather be as lucky as you and have six inches of snow on the ground than half an inch of ice. You can deal with snow pretty easily. Snows nothing. Down South, unlike you, we have to deal with ice. That’s what brings down power lines and trees. It’s 50 degrees in my house right now. Don’t anticipate having power back for at least a few more days. You need to visit the South during an ice storm before you brag on how much snow you get. You need a good ice storm. That would shut you up. Compared to an ice storm, I’d love if the only thing we had to deal with was a foot of snow on the ground. If you do ever visit the South, please make it a short one and go back to Yankeeland ASAP.

      • jmoh

        Yankee???? What are you? I have dealt with this every morning at 5:00 am for months and months, I hate it. And yes it does include ice. I’m not saying it not a bad situation for you. I was commenting on the the reaction of the officials that they would not be able to assist you.

      • Tim Thornton

        iDIOT, That’s how it is here so it must be that way there. You have NO idea what are you are talking about.

      • Joe Johnson

        I lived up North for 20 years and have lived in NC now for 12. Trust me, they have it much worse up there.

      • nurse one

        I do agree ice is much worse than snow, but the back to back blizzards I remember as a kid living in northern Illinois, we were without power for over a week…Our car could not be seen…We had to exit our house through a high level window, and I was thankful to God for a wood burning stove. As a kid of course, all of that was fun. Now I am glad I no longer live there.

  • Wild man

    Twas a good ice storm… wish i would have rioted more about the weather! we should have marched the streets demanding that mother nature make it warm again! That would have shown her. Cuz I am in the south and if dont agree with something I am going to raise hell about it.

  • Jeff

    For those that don’t understand what the state of emergency is, it’s not the 4″ to 5″ of pure solid is that could be ice skated on throughout my yard right now at 1:30am. It’s the fact that trees are down everywhere. They are a cross roads, on cars, on houses, and have taken out power lines everywhere. I went out today and almost every stoplight was out, 75% or so of all businesses were closed not due to the roads, but due to no power. My business being one of them and my home has no power either. Went to buy a generator today and they are sold out everywhere. Luckily we have gas logs to keep part of our home warm. We can’t cook without power, we are outside of the city limits, so we are on a well for water, no power means no water. Luckily I can pee outside since I can’t flush the toilet after the one flush I got after taking a dump earlier. When I have to dump next time maybe I should drive up to the Yankee’s house and take a dump on his lawn… HAHAHA.

    • Diane Purcell

      LOL! People without wells simply don’t understand the issue of no water when winter storms hit and you live outside of the city. I was sending my men outside during this! Plus we had to melt snow for water for the animals – something else people need to consider.

    • Jen

      Thank you Jeff. I was born and raised in Rochester NY area. It literally felt like a state of emergency or the end of the world… when you are without power for 3 days, can’t drive anywhere because of the roads… It really takes one to be in our situation to fully understand. Thank God we are not on a well for our water anymore, however; there are no washing dishes, showers, baths…without boiling water. I have encountered too much chaos from store to store and people frantic trying to buy kerosene heaters only to find out anything local was out of kerosene once someone was able to purchase a heater, which by the way- were sold out of every store early Friday. We at least made sure we bought a new propane tank to grill all of our food that is going bad. On top of all of that, my husband needs a heart transplant and we are so glad he doesn’t have to have medical equipment on electricity to function. I really wish people would not judge. They have no idea. We finally got power back on late Saturday night. There are still thousands of homes and businesses without power.

  • loveAnimals

    just to offer up advice.
    When some houses have no power, it means no water, no heat, no way to cook, clean, etc. It’s like living in a barn. In trying to use the restroom over the years I have went outside in the cold, used a bucket, held a bag over the tub,etc. In using these methods the cold and smell were not pleasant. Last time I put a litter box in the tub. That for me has turned out to be the best. Lean over the tub, do what bodies do, scoop into a bag, and put outside. Dont mean to sound gross, but the litter box has worked very well and wanted to offer advise to others without water.

  • Mary

    Funny that Yankees come here and never leave and never stop making fun of the South. It looks like a war zone here but the one laugh was the guy with the litter box in the tub. Stay the course, the South will rise again!

    • Diane Purcell

      Mary – ice is the great equalizer when it comes to winter! Doesn’t matter where you live! I’d rather have the snow yankees complain about than this ice! Whew!

  • sophia

    I can not even believe that you guys are going there. Regardless whether or not its in the sounth north east or west….it happened……just give advice and leave it alone…this is childish!!!

  • Rick

    The officials are not say much, They should be using all possible communication tool like the Internet, and specially the RADIO, right now the radio is a none informant tool, this weather condition was declared a State of Emergency and I would like to know what progress has been achieve and in what area. The best thing to do at this moment is to stick together, and concentrate on warming our homes, and trying to get things back normal.

  • nurse one

    I have lived up north (glad I don’t now) and seen the devastating effects of a major blizzard. Since living in the south, I have been through a much more severe ice storm and had to spend the night at work 3 nights. (that’s what happens when you are a nurse). While alot of snow is extremely inconvenient, Ice is much worse. Now I am dreading tornado season. I live right in the middle of tornado alley. I will take ice and snow anyday over tornado threats.

  • Jimme' Jones

    What is the deal with guilford county schools ? Are they out of power also ? When will students return back to school ????

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