64-year-old man tries out for professional soccer team

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For anyone who ever gets to the point where they think life might have passed them by, there is one man they should probably meet.

In this edition of the Buckley Report, we introduce you to a man who says you should consider items on your "bucket list" and make sure you don't leave life with any regrets.


  • SBell

    I though this was a great story. Perhaps the team has a PR motive,but he clearly can can lend some of his experiences to the newbies!…and it gets people talking… Kudos for living your dream, I say…

    • Beth

      Will, this man spent YEARS volunteering as a coach for youth soccer. Sorry, he is NOT the pathetic attention hound. Go look in the mirror.

  • Danny kaye

    Will, it is sad that you think this way. He not only made the team. something I am sure you could never do. He will be given some time on the pitch in the pre-game season. Therefore your whole argument is incorrect and invalid.

  • Beth

    Will, I know this man personally. Attention is NOT his motive. Rather, he sat a goal and worked toward it. On the other hand, your goal appears to be to tear down someone who has worked hard to reach a level of success. His took hard work, fortitude, endurance, and determination. Yours, on the other hand, takes a few simple keystrokes as you sit at your computer. When you reach 64 years old, I sincerely hope you remember your criticism of this man as you slowly bend over and struggle to tie your own shoes!

  • nuhnnn-ja

    lol so much hate… bottom line is that unfortunately HE IS NOT EVEN THAT GOOD of a soccer player. he is quite bad. However Gate City is giving him a chance, a bucket list. NO he does not have the skill and is quite useless, how ever HE IS INSPIRATION and shows that you can accomplish things if you try it. yes this works as a publicity stunt, but its more than that and should motivate the upcoming players and lots of others. if he didn’t have gone to try out then gate city would have never seen him, understood what it means to him and what it could mean to others. the publicity is a bonus. he may not be a great soccer player but he is a stand up guy. sometimes its a lot more than just the game. its THE HEART

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