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SC Marine who covered grenade to save friend will receive Medal of Honor

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A Marine from South Carolina, who was severely wounded in Afghanistan in 2010, will receive the Medal of Honor later this year, Marine Corps Times is reporting.

William Kyle Carpenter, 24, a medically retired corporal, will become the service’s third Medal of Honor recipient from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest combat valor award.

According to the report, the Marine Corps is finalizing plans with the White House for a ceremony in Washington.

Carpenter’s nomination stems from reports that, as a 21-year-old lance corporal, he intentionally covered a grenade to save the life of his friend, Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio on Nov. 21, 2010. Both men survived the blast but were badly wounded.

Carpenter lost his right eye and most of his teeth, his jaw was shattered and his arm was broken in dozens of places.

Eufrazio sustained damage to the frontal lobe of his brain from shrapnel. Until recently, his wounds rendered him unable to speak.

Read more: Marine Corps Times


  • Martha

    In a time when the word hero is thrown around like confetti. It is great to see some one that actually IS a hero. Semper Fi Marine.

  • B

    That’s crazy. Question I have is, where did the grenade come from? I would have covered my friend before covering a grenade up if in that situation. That is true brotherly love and if true; a medal well deserved. God bless our military and thanks to all whom have served.

      • John

        observer 10 how the hell do you have the right to call him dummy maybe they shared alot of time getting to know each other and that marine new he had kids and family. Hell that could of been you he did that for would he be dummy then some of you people make me sic

      • Lee

        Observer10 – the difference between you and him is that he isn’t an overweight couch potato internet Rambo. He is a United States Marine and an example of what we should all want to emulate. His sacrifice is why you have the right to say stupid things like that.

      • L

        John and Lee,

        I’m pretty sure the “dummy” Observer 10 is referring to, is to B for the comment of “I would have covered my friend before covering a grenade up if in that situation.” Observer 10 isn’t calling the Marine a dummy. Relax.

    • dewey

      covering the grenade allowed Cpl. Carpenter to absorb the largest portion of the concussive blast and minimize shrapnel damage

  • allboymom

    As a military Brat I remember my dad talking about guys who did this during war. It is what they are trained to do in that split second, to sacrifice yourself to save your platoon or in this case your buddy is by far the most HONORABLE thing you can do for your fellow men.
    PLEASE remember the sacrifices these men make for YOUR right and freedom to criticize Their actions!! I am most honored to be an american and have men like Carpenter & Eufrazio on my side!! They deserve much more than just medals…….

  • dewey

    this is rare in this day and age….humans are so selfish….I would love to count this man as a close friend as he is a true son of America

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