Parents arrested after 3-year-old’s skeleton found in toy chest

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Raquel Barreras, Martin Barreras.

TUCSON, Ariz. — A mother and father in Arizona were arrested after police said a landlord found the skeletal remains of their 3-year-old son inside of a toy chest at their former home.

Raquel Barreras, 39, of Tucson, was arrested Tuesday and charged with the murder of her toddler son, Roman, authorities said.

Her husband, Martin, 45, was charged with child abuse.

According to Tucson News Now, the discovery was made by the landlord who had been cleaning out a unit the couple used to live in.

The couple, along with four other children, had been kicked out at an earlier date.

Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor said in a press conference Wednesday that the boy’s remains were found in a toy chest in an “attached structure” outside the home. It was reported that the couple forced the child to sleep out there.

The deceased boy, identified as Roman Barreras, had four older siblings.

According to police, the apartment, in which the remains were discovered had been vacant for some time. Villasenor said police had checked on the home in November 2012.

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  • allboymom

    God have mercy on that poor child and the other children. Let these two scum bags ROT in jail like they left that poor child to do….he is an angel now where he is safe. The smirk on that mans face,…I would like to slap it off and her too!!!

    • jason

      Rot in jail? Are you crazy.? They have no use im society. And we should not have to support them. Put them in a chair and turn the juice on.

  • anom

    He is in a much better place, unfortunately for that…but I hope the other children are taken away…and they put these two monsters in a box to die!!

  • Elisabeth

    They don’t deserve jail! It’s too good for them, they need to be your tired until they die!!!

    • whatdidIread

      Unfortunately for some people, their surnames are dead giveaways about their ancestry. You see people making jokes about Indian people whose last name is Patel, Hispanic people whose last name is Barrerras or Rodriguez, etc. Should we assume that you are citizens of Scotland, and suggest that you should return there? Goodness. Judge the people based on their actions, not their name.

    • Anne Braswell

      There’s nothing in the story indicating that these trashy murdering scum are Mexican nationals. Nothing at all. So, please spare us your racist rants and stick to the facts.

  • RachH

    PeteandCarrie, are these two people Mexican citizens? I didn’t see that mentioned in the article.

  • Felix

    Not sure why it became a race thing, but these two people DO deserve to die an agonizing miserable death. Shall we warm up the electric chair, or wait for all the bleeding heart liberals to turn these two monsters into victims of their enviroment?

  • michelle

    Maybe they need to sleep in a toy box six feet underground. Sorry people doesn’t deserve kids.

  • Paula

    Talk about no remorse at all. When they were kicked out, they did not think it was important to take the toy chest with them. How accustomed are they to murder and abusive ways that it did not dawn on them to cover their tracks. Scum. No need to warm up the chair. I say let the chair warm up with them in it so they can feel all that and then slowly I mean slowwwwlllyyy fry them crisp. Like it was said earlier no need for jail and us paying for the upkeep of these monsters. Prayers for the other children!

  • Debbie Miller Gill

    Thank God they were too stupid to cover their tracks, so now maybe the other four siblings will have a decent chance at life. Too bad we can’t let them die the same way they let their son die. Death penalty is the easy way out… Let them suffer and be abused in jail!

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