Federal prosecutors say Alamance Co. deputies shared racist video game

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Federal prosecutors say Alamance Co. deputies accused of illegally targeting Latino drivers shared links to a bloody video game in which players shoot people entering the country illegally, according to the Associated Press.

According to the report, lawyers for the U.S. Justice Department filed documents this week in their complaint against Alamance County Sheriff Terry S. Johnson, who is accused of violating the rights of citizens and legal residents by detaining and arresting Latinos without probable cause.

A two-year investigation revealed in 2012 said the U.S. Dept. of Justice determined the the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office routinely discriminated against Latinos and engaged in a pattern or practice of misconduct that violated the Constitution and federal law.

Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to find in their favor without a trial, citing “extensive evidence of racial bias.”

Johnson’s lawyer said in an email that the sheriff denies the allegations. According to the report, his lawyers filed their own motion Sunday seeking to have the case dismissed.

“Sheriff Johnson and his office have not engaged in a pattern or practice of intentionally treating Latinos differently due to their ethnicity,” Chuck Kitchen wrote in the motion.

According to the government’s motion, a high-ranking deputy emailed out the link to the violent game.

“Captain Mario Wiley emailed several other ACSO employees a link to a game premised on shooting stereotypical Mexican figures, including pregnant women and children, as they attempt to cross the U.S. border,” the motion says. “Blood splatters on the screen as the figures are shot, and the final screen of the game shows how many ‘wetbacks’ one has killed.”

Read: Sheriff Terry Johnson’s deposition | Deputy Chief Tim Britt’s deposition

Full report: Associated Press


  • anom

    Someone is just trying to fry Johnson….probably a sore looser from the elections or dismissed employees!!
    Leave the man alone!!!

  • Truth

    So all this because he is a Republican??? I dont think so. Sad sad story. Read his deposition, “everyone” is lying on him ! Sure thing buddy. You have no idea what this man has done to harm society. Anyone who knows first hand is “lying”. Sure Sheriff sure !

  • Donnie

    Yes, this is ALL because he is a Republican. The Dems are not even trying to hide that fact.

    “Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to find in their favor without a trial, citing “extensive evidence of racial bias.”

    so in other words, we have NO evidence, but find in our favor anyway because. . . well. . didn’t Holder call you and tell you how it’s supposed to go with this. If they had evidence, they would be more than happy to present it in court to prove their point. This is the Nazi style of pushing everyone around.

    • Queen Bee

      Ummmmm – so because they didn’t announce the evidence they had in an 8-paragrah news story, you don’t think they have any? Do you really think a court of law would allow them to proceed with no evidence? And are you really using the word Nazi in reference to the prosecutors?? Come on.

  • Queen Bee

    Just the fact that they would use such a video game doesn’t say much about their character. And before anyone vilifies me, think about it…a video game where you kill pregnant women and children? Really?

  • penny

    This is GOD”S “WORLD” Remember, He’s got the WHOLE WORLD in HIS Hands……..Just saying,,,,

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