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Five puppies rescued after being thrown in the trash

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Five puppies thrown in the trash were rescued "just in time."

Five puppies were left out in a cardboard box and thrown out in the trash.

A worker doing some cleanup near Phillips Avenue heard something around a dumpster. When he got closer, he realized it was the box full of puppies.

Guilford County Animal Shelter workers say they were rescued just in time.

"They are very blessed that someone did see them and call animal control to bring them here because if they had stayed out there all night they would not have survived," explains Marsha Williams, with the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

The five-week-old puppies will each get a much needed bath, food and a checkup from the vet. Hours after being rescued they were still huddled together and shivering.

"They were very, very cold. They were covered in feces and urine, so they look very sickly," explains Williams.

The puppies are a pit mix or shepherd mix. If vet checkups go well they should be available for adoption in about three weeks.

The Guilford County Animal Shelter has filed a report with the Greensboro Police Department in hopes of finding whoever abandoned these puppies.


  • Donna Hughes (@DonnaLHughes)

    Please share!
    I wrote this song for all dogs on chains:

    Dog On a 10 Foot Chain

    Nothing to look forward to
    Watching cars go by all day
    Nothing to play with, nothing to do
    Shivering in the cold hard rain

    They forget to bring me water
    They forget that I am here
    They don’t know how smart I am
    They don’t even see my tears

    What did I do wrong, what did I do?
    I just want someone to love me, because I love you
    Whatever it is I did wrong, maybe I can change
    No one knows how hard it is, how hard it is to be………. a dog on a 10 foot chain

    Sometimes it’s hard to stay cool
    On a blazing hot summer day
    I dream of crossing the stream
    And catching a fish as sunlight fades

    It’s hard to stay warm in the winter
    Some nights it’s hard to be strong
    I dream of chasing butterflies
    And rabbits all day long

    The world is big and beautiful
    But I’ll never see it all
    Maybe when I go to Heaven
    Someone will throw me a red ball

    • Aubrey Powell

      Sad song but I enjoyed your highlighting this. Not everyone treats their dog this way but the ones who only keep their fog tied up need to take note
      Thanks for your perspective. Every dog will love you for sharing this message. Cheers to you.

  • michelle

    The irony is that they will not survive anyway. The shelter kills dogs everyday and since it is pit bull mix, they have even less chance. I hope they get adopted.

    • Alison

      Our shelter does the best that they can under very dire circumstances. They do not euthanize every day and try very hard to give every adoptable animal a chance to get adopted. Our shelter partners with rescues and tries very hard to save as many animals as they possibly can save. These puppies have an extremely good chance of getting adopted simply because they are puppies! Before you criticize our shelter and what they do — GO walk the animals and volunteer — and you will see that they are one of the best shelters in North Carolina!

  • David Hedgecock

    Surely, this world is largely under the influence of Satan. Indeed, how can anyone be so cruel. I often wonder if the percentage of people who throw little puppies in the dumpster is about the same as the humans who throw human fetuses in the dumpster and call them “medical waste” I suspect it’s about the same, sadly. The only difference is I guess, is that we don’t cry as much over the human babies as we do over little puppies, cause the Government stamps it ‘approved ‘ and the bodies are put in sterile containers or bags and carried out the back door after planned parenthood closes their doors after a full day of operation.

  • FaithC

    People are disgusting and make me sick. How can anybody do this? If you can mistreat animals so badly, you can do it to people too. Whoever did this is a waist of space and breath.

  • Dawn

    Sounds familiar our dog less than 5 weeks was found in a dumpster behind a restaurant on Friendly. Two survived out of five. Half shepherd same culprit ? Humphrey’s story will appear in an upcoming publication of Pet Tails.

  • Billy

    They need to find who did this and put them in a cage naked hanging outside for a few days in the sleet and snow. Afterwards all would be welcome for a public torture celebration.

  • juliet r.

    we have a shelter in greensboro, that struggles daily to get the animals homes. they have one of the lowest rates of euthenising animals in the country. the avg rate is 70% and marsha and her staff have it down to 36% here. they work hard every day so these animals will have a chance to find a furever home, no matter what breed they might be. so, please, rather than saying negative things about a situation/organization you know nothing about, take time to find out the facts first. adopt, or if you can’t then donate, they can always use whatever you might be able to give.

    • peggy bryan

      Juliet I agree nowdays lots of shelters try harder to get dogs and cats adopted . It is not the staff of ACS that breed and keep allowing their dogs or cats to breed causing all the overpopulation. If any pet owner would just take responsibility and spay or neuter this would stop most of the stuff. We do have people from other countries living in the US that
      do not take “dumping out ” animals seriously or that it is illegal for a reason. Too bad we don’t have agood way to find the ones that do this .

  • Debbie P

    Our dog Bogie was found in a plastic bag at the Randleman Dump at 3 days old along with his 9 littermates. He is “special” and we love him.

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