Sprint drops prepaid wireless carrier, affects customers

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- PrepaYd Wireless customer Jackie Johnson said her Sprint cell phone service was dropped without notice last Thursday.

"We don't get a notice or anything, they just turned us off," Johnson said.

Johnson said when she could not dial or send a message she contacted her wireless agent at Long Wireless Communications, who said PrepaYd Wireless had been dropped as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO.

Sprint Representative Jayne Wallace said that PrepaYd Wireless has been dropped but could not answer why.

Another Sprint representative, John Votava, sent this email statement: "There is currently legal action in place and Sprint does not comment on active litigation or law suits. Sprint has been in the MVNO business for over 20 years and currently has over 130 satisfied MVNO customers."

Better Business Bureau Interim CEO Brian Wright said he spoke with a San Diego BBB representative about PrepaYd wireless and said that since the fall of 2013 the company has been out of business and this has affected at least 1,000 customers.

"I think that the relationship is between Sprint and PrepaYd Wireless and whether they did something wrong or not is really between those two and what their contract was," Wright said.

Wright said that to avoid a possible device drop from another carrier, research the company to make sure they have a clean history and are reputable.

Johnson has since reconnected with RedPocket Mobile and had to get a new cell phone number.

According to the N.C. Attorney General's office, no other former PrepaYd wireless customer has filed a formal complaint.


  • Tonya

    I too WAS a PrepaYd Wireless customer and to tell you the truth it was not a cheap service it was just pay as you go is all….I was also dumped by this so called wireless service. My old phone which was a sprint phone, i took it to the SPRINT store and they even told me that being the wireless center flashed my phone for prepaYd wireless its no longer usable…but mind you it was a sprint phone..so i had to buy a new phone and get new service all together…its just not fair that they didnt even give customer ample enough time…also they took alot of people money, my service was dropped Feb 25th and my bill was paid up until March 5th so they STOLD money from me.

    • Grammar Police

      Should I be worried you typed “STOLD” in all caps? I’m sure the red squiggly line came up.

      SMH @ Tonya

  • Vic

    this incident lets me know how slimy sprint really is. they benefit from my dollar and disconnect my service without warning, they can add me to the list of people taking them to court.the sad thing is they could have called.

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